Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Upscale JoCo Mall Shares Hobo Exhibit

Prairiefire Museum is part of a fancy shopping "mixed-use" complex that avoids trouble because it's so far South and the hours are horrible. This gives owner/operators a chance to get a bit more upscale in their offerings and provide space for homeless to share their experience without actually having to share space with these lovable scamps who block traffic on nearly every KCMO intersection.


Painting a Picture of the Homeless Experience

By Susie Whitfield, Photos by Madison Jennings We know what to do. Look straight ahead. Pretend we're texting. Become engrossed in the passing storefronts. Focus on the traffic light ahead. Never, never make eye contact. Because if we make eye contact, then we will have to acknowledge that the people sitting on sidewalks or standing on corners - homeless people - actually exist.


Anonymous said...

Gross. Does it have pictures of them taking craps in the doorways of businesses? Pictures of the rape that goes on among the homeless? Pictures of all the free food they get so they can spend their panhandling money on alcohol?

Anonymous said...

Look them in the eye and say, fuck off loser,get a job.

Anonymous said...

All brought to you news wise by a rag you can't read without paying for. If not for the slanted views it might be worth it but the doctor ratings this month got them on my bad list of things to not pay into.