Thursday, January 03, 2019

Tribute: Career Wasted In Kansas City

There is no doubt this guy was AWESOME but his work was mostly in service to a cheapskate management recycling a supporting cast that couldn't help him win the big games . . . Sadly, this one might sound familiar. Read more of the upbeat side of this story:

Chiefs' great Tony Gonzalez named finalist for Pro Football Hall of Fame

Chiefs legend Tony Gonzalez may be headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The NFL announced finalists for the Hall of Fame on Thursday. Gonzalez's 1,325 career receptions are second to only Jerry Rice's 1,549. Gonzalez also holds the record for receiving yards at 15,127 and 100-yard receiving games by a tight end in NFL history at 21.


Anonymous said...

A truly "class act".

Anonymous said...

^^ Class act? Like flying Jose Canseco's wife Jessica into KC on his dime to have his way with her meanwhile ignoring his son for many years?

Anonymous said...

^^Mind your own fucking business Gladys Kravitz. You sound jealous?

Anonymous said...

I don't care to pry into the personal lives of any player, including any wife-beating or shooing drunk skanks down the hall with your feet. Tony Gonzalez definitely wasted his talent while here. The things he could have accomplished with a competent offense would have been great.