Wednesday, January 02, 2019


Credit where it's due, the newspaper offers a worthwhile missive on a trail that was always a scam and now has impacted local property owners. Read more:

KC rails-to-trails plan railroads land owners, suit says | The Kansas City Star

Tom Stewart sees nothing inherently wrong in building hiking and biking trails for exercise and communing with nature. "I'm not against them at all," the Kansas City attorney said. "I applaud hiking and biking." But what he won't tolerate, he said, is when the creators of those trails stomp on landowners' rights, flouting the 5th Amendment of the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Wasn['t Stewart a managing part at a big KC firm, but had to quit for "unnamed" reasons.

Tired Taxpayer said...

Fifty two million dollars for abandoned roadway. Railroad should have donated land for a tax break. Original intent of railroad eminent domain, of taking property, for right of way, was that upon abandonment by railroad property would revert to original or adjacent current owner.
Mikey Sanders enduring rip-off of taxpayers and the railroad as a future employer for a convicted felon.
Star should do a "spend the day with" Mikey profile in the federal slammer.
Will his deferred, commission finders-fee from the railroad be ten percent of the $52 million.

Anonymous said...

Kraske and Helling should spend six months in the penitentiary with Skippy writing Sanders memoirs.

Anonymous said...

Give the land back to the adjacent landowners.

Rail trails are a public nuisance and a waste of taxpayer money.