Monday, January 28, 2019


Homelessness is a growing problem in the suburbs and here's a glimpse at a growing debate betwixt city officials vs. volunteers hoping to provide shelter to the less fortunate.

Read the post on their FB for more info but here are the basics:


As most of you know, we purchased the building at 725 W. Park St. Olathe Ks. 66061. This is to be the permanent home for Project 10❤️20, a shelter for adults who are homeless.

BEFORE & AFTER purchasing the property, the City Of Olathe gave us written conformation that our shelter could operate at this location. Much to our surprise...the city has put our whole project on hold! Meanwhile we are working night and day in a temporary location, hosting 40-45 people per night.

We need ALL of you to please contact the City Of Olathe Planning Dept. Let them know that the people of Johnson County feel Project 10❤️20 should have a permanent home in Olathe.

Most people aren’t aware that if you are an adult without minor children, there is ABSOLUTELY no where to go for shelter in Johnson County, except for Project 10❤️20.

I would like nothing more than for the City Of Olathe to be overwhelmed with support for people experiencing homelessness in Johnson County and Project 10❤️20.

People are more apt to send a negative comment before a positive. PLEASE HELP US, WE CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

send emails to- AENassif@OLATHEKS.ORG
include the 725 w. Park st address in your email)
City Planning Dept- 913-971-8750

Emails and phone calls are needed. The good thing about email-its documented!

Thanks for taking time to read this!

Developing . . . 


Anonymous said...

This shelter needs to be moved to Leawood or Shawnee in the districts of those newly switched Democrat ligislators. Olathe is disproportionately burdened with Golden Ghetto detritus like jail and juvee hall.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Olathe told them they were ok then changed the codes and said no. Shady.

The location for the shelter is actually pretty good. It’s right down the road from johnson county mental health, the county jail, and the courthouse. Literally walking distance for the residents of the shelter.

Anonymous said...

The Pizza Hut across the fence better start locking their trash bins.

Anonymous said...

^^ Even hobo's won't eat that slop.

Super Dave said...

They should locate this over in Prairie Village by the city hall. I am sure the local residents would support this with open arms based on their so called publicly heard voices supporting matters such as this. It's a nice clean area well lighted at night with great police protection to make sure nobody harasses the homeless.

Come on Prairie Village show us how you can make your voices more than just heard.

Anonymous said...

^^come on Stupid dave...go away!

Anonymous said...

^^Nooooooooooooooooooo, you go away!

Anonymous said...

^^I agree, stupid dave needs to go away.

Anonymous said...

^^would concur.

Anonymous said...

^^Agreed also.

Anonymous said...

^^Who cares what you the idiot says? If you're so smart why do you waste your whole day in here?

Anonymous said...

Typical Olathe. Promise on one hand, wall on the other. I'm pretty sure it's over some permitting that make the city money.