Saturday, January 12, 2019


An important and data driven perspective from Kansas City's leading and most prolific conservative author offers a rebuttal of recent stats from Jackson County.

Take a look:

Jackson County Statistics

I read with interest that "The jail population is 88% percent male and 58% black, which is substantially higher than the national average of 36%."

I see also that the county is expected to "Examine and address racial and ethnic disparities."

Let me help. The United States is 12.7 percent black. Jackson County is 23.6 percent black. In other words, Jackson County has a black population 86 percent higher than the nation as a whole. And yet the county's jail population is only 61 percent higher than the national at large.

If there is a racial disparity here, it would seem that whites and Hispanics are disproportionately being jailed in Jackson County.

I would also want to look into the fact that although males make up 49 percent of the county population they are being jailed at a wildly disproportionate rate.

Just trying to help out,

Jack Cashill

For more from Mr. Cashill, check out his EXCEPTIONAL work at The Sentinel.


Gopher Casey said...

Facts, proven by a universally accepted method of reason (in this case mathematics) are inconvenient when they get in the way of an argument based on emotion. Thanks for the clarity but you won't see this on any of the local channels. It goes against their narrative.

NicK Beach said...

if black people are 1/4 the population and half the people in jail are black how the fuck are whites and latinos disproportionately jailed?

Anonymous said...

Well, Nick, you get your choice of two possibilities...
1) Whites and Latinos can run a lot faster than Blacks, and don't get caught as often, or
2) Blacks commit crimes far more often than Whites and Latinos!

Pick the choice you're most comfortable with, Pal - glad I could solve that for you!

Anonymous said...

The disproportionate argument is flawed. It assumes a normal curve distribution of persons who commit crimes. In other words, the liberal dimwits want you to believe that since blacks only make up about 13% of the population, then they only commit 13% of the crime, which is complete nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Pushing a quota system again which never works.

Anonymous said...

Black males are 8% of the population I've heard.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fuck the jail put them in tents like Az