Saturday, January 19, 2019


A few inches of snow sends KCMO streets into disarray as weather warnings have been removed but travel is still tough going . . . And so one street hot mess leads us to the next . . .


Right now we feature testimony sent our way that matches up with a great deal of social media complaints.

And what we want to focus on isn't calling out the many construction companies working in Waldo but rather the COMPLETE LACK OF COMMUNICATION WITH NEIGHBORS BY CITY HALL which has sparked this outcry.

Here's the word . . .

"I have complained multiple times on 311, and multiple times with Blue Nile directly. I am appalled at the workmanship and the lack of concern for Waldo residents. 

They have destroyed our yard, our driveway, several trees, and our ability to enjoy the Trolley Trail. Everything has been covered in mud and/or washed away from erosion. Jobs were started and never finished. The rain collecting drains that they installed on our street do not even make sense with the natural flow of rain water. They have said that was the plan...nothing they can do to mediate things unless the city pays for it. 

During their digging on our street alone, they broke the gas main THREE times and the water main once. Our property was flooded during that break. Our property continues to flood when it rains. What is happening with this company!? I am ready to move away from my home and my neighborhood...yes, it has affected all of us greatly. And for what?? On our street, the work they’ve done has been a detriment rather than an improvement. THIS DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT. Help."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Same is true of most city projects. KC doesn't manage anything, just leaves everything to chance.

Dex said...

Will Wornall ever be fixed. That streets has been one of the worst messes in town as long as I can remember.

Anonymous said...

Residential complaints are always ignored in KC. That's SOP. But usually the city tries to send out of some kind of message that deny they have any real responsibility.

Anonymous said...

####Sly KC

Has anyone seen a plow today? unlikely if you don't live downtown.

Anonymous said...

Waldo always votes democrat and for all tax increases. So who cares what they say.

Anonymous said...

Waldo is the new Ruskin. It’s only a matter of time until the Whire people get completely run out of there. Thus, streets and other city services will no longer be necessary.

Anonymous said...

Wornall has been a cracked up slanted, narrow piece of shit road since at least the 1970s. Is it a paved over creek ?

Anonymous said...

Top 5 Ways to Fix Wornall:

1. Get suggestions from KC Dtar editorial board and do the opposite
2. Rename it
3. Elect Clay Chastain
4. Force Slie to live their for 6 months
5. Divert failed new Airport funds (that city promised voters it would not use)
6. Move Power and Light
7. Sell the Plaza tennis courts that Parks & Rec now owns
8. Close it 4ever and move a landfill there
9. Slap a 6% Ocasio-Cortez tax on top 15% of KC politicians
10. Use Frank White/Carwash Cleaver finance model.

Hyperblogal said...

The city has all these TIFs and other incentives, major construction projects, and no one to watch over. This is a prescription for disaster down the road. It took an outside firm a year to prepare an incomplete report on incentives.

Anonymous said...

FYI: I recognize the name Blue Nile

As someone who's reviewed a lot of campaign finance disclosures, the Blue Nile name has appeared frequently as campaign contributor to Mayor James and Council.
Remember that in KCMO, contracts operate on a pay for play basis.
Phone: (816) 505-1302 Fax: (816) 505-1307
601 Spratley Ave., Birmingham, MO 64161, USA

Excavation, utility, water mains/sewers, storm water, etc.

Listed owner: Henok Tekeste
CFO: Darin Jennings

Anonymous said...

Slie did not receive any kickbacks from Blue Nile and Waldo is so far away from downtown Slie and the council cannot be concerned about it. The intolerant left's fair weather toy train does not choo-choo to Waldo so residents are out of luck. Since Slie is removing blight from the downtown area Waldo is a logical spot for the blight to land.

Anonymous said...

Where Waldo?

Anonymous said...

Waldo is where young people go to start their lives, and where middle aged go to end theirs.

chuck said...

Wornall was tore up 3 years ago, then fixed and it was in great shape.

Then, outta nowhere, they wreck it again two years ago and it has been like Beirut ever since. The only thing we need now, is a Caliphate, camels and a US army occupation, complete with "Me so horny" chicks working the street corners.

I live here and it is weird how many times, Blue Nile, tears up the same street. 79th has been torn up at least 10 times in the last 2 years. There are holes dug in the same spot, on my street, then filled in, cemented over, then dug up again, IN THE SAME SPOT, 3 or 4 times.

It is impossible for any of the folks on my street, to understand, exactly what the hell is going on. I don't doubt there are good intentions, but holy shit, it's like some kid with construction toys in his sand box, using his toy caterpillars to wreck, again and again the same area.

The mud, dust, noise (It seems like these things only go in reverse "BEEP!!!!! BEEEEPPP!!! BEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!!!!!) and the job, must be titled, down at City Hall in a file, called "Sisyphean Never Ending Waldo FUBAR".

Anonymous said...

ive lived there for 15 years, it used to be an easy cruise along brookside blvd if you wanted to avoid wornall traffic. for 2 years all of brookside running parallel to the trail has been shut down, its absurd. side streets are shut down, they open then they close then they open up again and 2 weeks later theyre closed... its been a shit fest west of main st from 75th to 85th has been a fucking massive cluster fuck. just when waldo has been reinvigorated with filling in houses, houses selling for upwards of 150k,, even east of troost houses selling for 70k, for east of troost, home ownership at any price is major, i.e. cutting down on the revolving crappy tenant trap. the main drag has been polluted by construction or destruction equipment for 2-3 years,, its like an occupying force. i lived here for 15 years and its never been this cluttered and fucked up

Anonymous said...

sLIE is trying to run all the white peoples out of the city, he wants to turn Waldo into section ape housing, just far enough away from his downtown to keep the low life’s away. Brookside should be very very worried.

Anonymous said...


Blue Nile Contractors
95 S. Drake St.
Claycomo MO 64119

Blue Nile Contractors
95 S. Drake St. Claycomo MO 64119 11/17/2016 3,000.00 1,500.00
Utility and Trenchless Construction Specialists
Water main replacement, storm water, sanitary sewer work, etc.


Anonymous said...

Move out white boy, you’re no longer welcome in killa shitty

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of hot sluts in Waldo.

Anonymous said...

It's almost over, the Louis Farrakhan wanna be is almost out. Don't screw it up liberals, can you see what has happened to KC, or are you going to make the same mistake again.

Oh and, two of your mayor wanna be's are at Unity Temple supporting Louis Farrakhan and the hatred against Jews. Elect one of these people and you will probably have another massacre just like the one in OP then try to blame the republicans.

Anonymous said...

Waldo has always been in some sort of turmoil since the flipping area was first referred to as Waldo.

Anonymous said...

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrybody ben get paid!

Anonymous said...

And lezbos.