A bold declaration, a list of priorities and double digit choices confronting Kansas City voters in the Spring. Checkit:

Look out Kansas City and the status quo cause Clay's got the "Mo" and his name on 2019 mayoral ballot

IT IS NOW OFFICIAL, the city clerk has notified mayoral candidate Clay Chastain that he submitted enough valid signatures to have his name placed on the 2019 KCMO mayoral ballot A N D the KC Star and the status quo are not whistling in tall cotton.

Here is what Clay will immediately move to do once elected;

#1. Give Edgemoor this ultimatum: Revise your cost to build KC's new single-terminal airport back to approximately one billion dollars (like you promised voters), retract your request for a $48 loan from KC taxpayers (like you promised would not be required) and integrate into your design a new rail terminal to facilitate connecting KCI to the northland, downtown and the central city with a modern rapid transit system. Or else, the Clay administration will seek a new developer, perhaps local developer Burns and Mac, to meet those stipulations. And do so, with full transparency. If that does not work out, then we will look at an alternative plan to remodel our existing convenient airport and connect it to downtown with light rail.

#2. Place before CITYWIDE voters both the city's previous plan to expand the streetcar system and my alternate "Green Transit Initiative" which would confine the streetcar system to downtown and expand and modernize the city's transit system around a new green citywide light rail / electric bus / bikeway system connecting together all the city's major job centers and destinations.

#3. Eliminate the EDC (economic development council), initiate a new city council economic development committee to take its place and take the annual savings of tens of millions of dollars to hire 200 new community police officers and initiate a new "Advantage Youth" crime prevention program.

#4. End all TIF and tax subsidies for wealthy developers while initiating a new tax incentive program to encourage the construction of more affordable housing.

#5. Move to eliminate the highly regressive earnings tax, which hurts the poor and stymies job and economic growth in Kansas City, and make up those lost revenues by growing the city in population and tax base.



  1. Excellent news! He gets my vote!

    Clay won’t screw, abuse, misuse or lie to the taxpayers, he da man fo da job beetches!

  2. Here’s hoping KC will finally support a mayor with the city’s best interest in mind like Clay.

  3. Now, sit and watch the collective heads explode (figuratively speaking) of the local news media, political pundits and most of this blog and its audience.

  4. All the way with Clay.

  5. We love Clay on this blog.
    It is always good to be kind to the mentally ill.

  6. Didn't Clay molest a woman or something years ago????!!!

    1. "Didn't Clay molest a woman or something years ago????!!!"

      No, what he did was collect petition signatures from good looking women, make little notations about their looks ("Blond Watermelon," for example) and then call them up and ask them on dates.

      Not illegal, no, just on the sick side of creepy.

  7. Top 5 Things Clay Should Promise to insure he is elected:
    1. Tear out the toy train. Total waste of money at taxpayer expense.
    2. Help Johnson County move KCI to Johnson County. KC is a laughingstock with the business acumen of a prostitute.
    3. Get rid of 1% Earnings tax and adopt tax policies of Overland Park.
    4. Make the KC Star pay full taxes. The next day after it declares bankruptcy and goes all-digital- declare eminent domain and pay it fair market times 10... or about $100. Bulldoze the glass and build something useful like a Homeless shelter for all the old ladies who pay $1,000 a year for the Star.
    5. Sell the Plaza tennis courts which belong to KC parks and rec.

    Bonus: Start a new land fill and name it Sly- Landfill. Make a junk statue with the toy train tracks.

  8. ^^^^^ Don't forget to do away with the bogus go bond that pays for the infrastructure of the developers and not the residents like sly promised!!!!

  9. Yesssssssssssssss!

  10. Ok, let's translate, point by point:

    #1. I'll jump into something I know nothing about and offer some pie-in-the-sky BS with my sketches. Want to come up and see my sketches?

    #2. I'll do something that basically violates state law.

    #3. I'll fuck things up further by doing things MY WAY, even though the only "economic development" experience I've had is buying that Blond Watermelon another Scotch and soda.

    #5. Then when I've done all that, I'll take away revenue from the city that can't possibly be replaced by my unspecific dreams.

    #6. The first thing I'll actually do is pass out because I haven't got a fucking prayer of getting more than 7% of the vote.


  11. Some ambitious, serious, and creative ideas and proposals that actually are based on municipal public policy?
    In KCMO?
    Get serious.
    There are so many hogs at the KCMO trough and have been for many many years that it would take a fleet of cattle trucks to transport them all out of town.
    And Clay's really sound ideas are oriented toward what's best for the residents and small businesses of the city.
    A sure loser, given how the government has been operating for decades.
    The usual suspects will pull out every stop to strangle this baby in its crib.
    It does show, though, what might ever be possible in KCMO if candidates serious about municipal government could ever be elected.

  12. "2. Help Johnson County move KCI to Johnson County."

    Johnson County doesn't need Clay Chastain's help to "move" KCI because Johnson County doesn't want the noise, traffic, pollution, expense and hazards of A FUCKING LARGE AIRPORT IN A RESIDENTIAL COUNTY. Are you high or something?

  13. Republican For Clay!1/15/19, 8:32 PM

    ^^^^^ Wasn't that like 30 years ago.

    You're mad at him for taking notes? It's not like he was Bill Cosby. Somebody found his creepy doodles about good looking women. Heterosexuality is not a sin. Get a grip libtard!

  14. Clay's promises and impossible to fund socialized giveaways are no worse than what Governor Kelly and Congresswoman Sharice Davids just promised to get elected.

    Remember, Stan Glazer almost beat Kay Waldo. How much did he lose by? Was it 5000 votes???

    It could happen.

  15. Where do I get my Clay Chastain yard sign?

  16. 6:26, Johnson County does not want it unless we can get rid of all the Missouri crooks on the committee or whatever. We did one and only one bistate project, Union Station, and first thing MO folks did was have a secret meeting that excluded Kansans on the committee. Sho' did.

  17. Vote for Clay. (hot sausage)
    He's a great guy (huge balls)
    Way to go! (lap dawg for hours on end.)

  18. I ain't voting for shit.

  19. Dammit, more fucking trains.

  20. @3:17, there's a difference between Light Rail, which provides a rapid, convenient transportation venue to the Airport, charges a fee and pays for itself; and the current "streetcar", which does nothing but garner publicity for the Mayor, sucks revenue away from necessary uses, and only transports Gopher's 25 million "anal" Tourists to th P&L Drunk Tank.

  21. He has my vote!

  22. Clay is a kook. And his ideas are pie in the sky with little to no substance. But at least he's thinking outside of the box and not just bending over and spreading his butt-cheeks to every rich developer that comes looking for handouts to build in this city like our current circus of clowns in City Hall.

    Electing Jolie Justus or any one of a number of potential S'lie 2.0s running for Mayor is not really going to move the city in the right direction. Instead, it's going to move us closer and closer to bankruptcy.


  23. Metro

  24. Geez, that dude loves effin' toy trains. No chance he gets elected. If anyone thinks he would be ANY different in the seat of power than the current clowns, you're sadly mistaken. He would use the mayoral orifice to select the pigs feeding at the guv trough who would support HIS ideas of replacing all cars in the city with toy trains that run on cattle farts for a green-neutral LEEDS certified City. We would set such a good example of our steampunk economy that they would probably build a glass dome around us as a shining example for the future of mankind.

    Clay for Clay. err I mean, Clay for KC.

  25. When will he finally give up and go back to where ever he now lives and attempt to make peace with his fate. He has promised at least a half a dozen times to leave KC and not put the city through this process again. He obviously has no identity without these constant ridiculous attempts to place these misguided plans on the ballot. Has anyone ever seriously looked into his background and assessed his mental competency. How does he make a living, what type of jobs has he held, what is the state of his most important relationships? This is a man who is in his late sixties (I'm guessing). Where is the due diligence with regard to his background. He is a "home renovator" in Virginia? Is this man mentally stable? He wants to be mayor of Kansas City, he doesn't even live here!


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