In one of many rebukes of Prez Trump policy, Kansas City looks to champion environmental, electric and hybrid initiatives starting with a new resolution this week.

Following the lead of Euro-trash leaders across the globe working to spite Prez Trump skepticism on eco-efforts.

Here's local legislation with an introductory dig at The Commander-In-Chief who rebuked the French-y effort to save the planet and spike gas prices which might or might not have caused frog truck drivers to subsequently riot about the higher cost of living, new Muslim friends, the low carb diet trend and a dearth of cafes where public smoking is still allowed . . .

Back in this cowtown, here's a run down of resolution language that hopes to save the planet . . .

The City “continues to support the principles of the Paris Climate Agreement” and the City “will continue to stand with cities and other public and private sector partners throughout the world to advance action in accordance with the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement”

One of the main points of Resolution #181000:

"That the City Manager shall work with other governmental entities to establish an electric vehicle procurement initiative, and ensure at least fifty percent of the City’s new bus and passenger sedan purchases are all-electric or plug-in-hybrid-electric vehicles for calendar years 2021 to 2026."

Other highlights include . . .

- That the City Manager shall enter into negotiations in the first quarter of 2019 to procure all of its electricity for municipal operations from carbon free sources with KCP&L with a goal of converting to carbon free electricity by December 31, 2020.

- The City Manager is directed to achieve Energy Star certification for 90% of all eligible municipal buildings of 25,000 square feet or more by no later than December 31, 2023.

- That the City Manager shall survey and identify by June 30, 2020, what parcels of City-owned land might be appropriate for community solar projects, and shall develop a plan by June 30, 2020 that allows City employees to procure solar for their own needs from such community solar projects.

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Developing . . .


  1. Let's be honest, this is just another way to route more money to KCP&L. KC talks a good game against Trump but this is a shell game of another sort.

  2. Electric vehicles charged by coal-burning power plants.
    Will KCMO dip into its general fund to help everyone buy an expensive new electric car, or will they be free like THE streetcar?
    How about taking on something they can actually do something about?
    Like getting the water bills under control.

  3. ^^ Or fixing the failed infrastructure.

  4. Of course the city is working in spite of Trump, he's a barely functioning moron. So are his supporters.

  5. ^^^ Idiot.

  6. Just stupid, they already have some and they keep breaking down, worthless pieces of shit is what they are

  7. The city wants to put GM and Ford out of business. Do they have any jobs in the area?


  8. Trump a barley functioning moron????? I guess 7:25 can't see what Trump has done, even the sunni muslims in Saudi Arabia are praising him for what he has done and that's a first for any President! But yet 7:25 will believe that Benghazi happened because of a video and turn around a vote for the idiot who tried to blame the American people for the massacre.

    7:25 has no right to work in this country since he/she is so against Trump and his followers. Give up your job to someone who appreciates it, or follow the NAFTA trail to Mexico and work.

  9. "ensure at least fifty percent of the City’s new bus and passenger sedan purchases are all-electric or plug-in-hybrid-electric vehicles"

    Because electricity is free and generated out of thin air, right?

    "City Manager shall enter into negotiations in the first quarter of 2019 to procure all of its electricity for municipal operations from carbon free sources with KCP&L"

    Because there's a way for the city to verify that their energy was generated from carbon free sources, right? This means the city will voluntarily pay more for their power (like people who pay extra for trash recycling to feel good).

    "City Manager shall survey and identify by June 30, 2020, what parcels of City-owned land might be appropriate for community solar projects"

    Because what KC needs is more local government interference in the free marketplace, right?

  10. Y'know, anyone who wants to "save the environment" through taxes can just cut a check and send it to the state/fed for use in green energy

  11. Gotta wonder how many council critters drive EVs, have solar panels and keep their homes cool in winter and warm in summer to conserve energy. My guess: not a single one. They are all hypocrites, and the larger ones are also hippo-crits.

  12. 11:05 makes a great point. One should be rather careful about sniping at the hand that feeds you. While electric vehicles may run down the road cleaner they as well present an addition handful of dangers to the general public that many are unaware of. Plus anything that runs on a battery needs to be recharged and unless it's all done 100% by wind or solar generated power the whole cleaner operating stance is a joke.

  13. ^^herp derp. Duh.

  14. A monopoly set up with the Dilberts at City Hall. The KCPL dysfunctional subsidy continues, and the sustainability director should be fired for rubber stamping such a monopoly fix.

    This could be a good campaign issue for the candidate for Mayor, say not to monopoly fixes and the revolving door of the usual suspects and the city council.

  15. The Sly James administration continues with exclusive monopoly fixes, and pretends it is something wonderful. Right up there with taxpayers paying for luxury parking, and an extension to the Streetcar line that has been voted down. What is amazing is that there was no legal action related to Airport fix, that is when you know the Corruption is considered standard operating procedure. Sly, Sanders, Cleaver, Troy, the dream team

  16. Here is some other important facts to remember, most city vehicles run at least seven hours a day, will electric cars last a full day? And they need charging stations for every vehicle, most depts have 75 or more vehicles that get used daily and you can’t get by with just a handful of stations.

  17. Kansas was an ocean at one point. We cannot stop the inevitably changes the earth goes through. Particularly a crooked, crime infested 3rd rate city in the middle of nowhere.

  18. I grew up in KC, moved to Kansas for a job that required my living in the state, still live here.

    Last Friday I called my realtor and said let's start looking for another house. Shortly after we began discussions he asked would you consider South KC, I told him I wouldn't consider KC at all. Why? Because the city is broken. Politicians have ruined it and it continues a downhill spiral.

    It's a shame, I would like to move back to the "old neighborhood) I grew up in near Brookside. Crime is up, taxes are up, politicians give away KC tax dollars to greedy developers (KC is not alone in this arena, they just suck at it) And let's don't forget the earnings tax, the city wastes it like all the tax dollars

    I did move to the Northland in 2001 in a great neighborhood, but many reasons made me move back to KS.

    1. Yay!!! good for you! Stay in Kansas. You’re perfect for it. It’s nothing but in-breds and mongoloids.

    2. SHOW ME STOOOOOOPID STATE!1/8/19, 12:35 AM

      ^Sez the Killa City prison pipeline dropout who gave his 4th and 15 yr old babymama a Hands Up Don't Shoot T-shirt to wear to his parole hearing...coz, ya know, a leading state for aid to dependents, teen pregnancy, and a city within the Top Ten cities in murder momentum.


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