Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Kansas City News Peek Tonight

An entrepreneurial classic hottie has both the music and fashion world abuzz this week . . .

Saw1st: Rihanna in SavageXFenty Lingerie 2019

Peeps: Fans Freak Out as Rihanna Reveals She's Back in the Studio: ‘She’s Coming to Save 2019’

Fader: 2019 = the year of Fenty Music.

Closer to home, these news links are worth checking . . .

Shutting Down History

Shutdown delays grants for Jackson County Historical Society

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The government shutdown is impacting the Jackson County Historical Society in ways they didn't anticipate. "We house and preserve all manners of documents pertaining to Jackson County history. We have abstracts, land deeds, diaries, bibles, you name it," said executive director Caitlin Eckard. Preserving history is vital.

Show-Me Republican Debate

GOP bickering marks beginning of legislative session in Missouri Senate

JEFFERSON CITY * It wasn't the kind of start Republicans hinted at when they launched the 100th Missouri General Assembly on Wednesday. Meeting in their first full day of the legislative session Thursday, Republican infighting brought chamber business to an immediate halt as an intra-party power battle broke out between rank-and-file lawmakers and newly installed Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz.

Rock Chalk Brake Time

Higher Speeds Made For Deadlier Kansas Highways, Report Says

When Kansas State University's Professor Sunanda Dissanayake and other researchers studied traffic fatalities in Kansas, they expected to find that more people had died on the roads. After all, the state had increased speed limits on some highways to 75 miles per hour. Higher speeds lead to more severe crashes.

Guv Worker Overtime
With no paycheck during shutdown, local federal employee chopping wood to stay warm
Fanboy Strategy

Chiefs vs. Colts: How the Chiefs offense beats Indianapolis' pass defense

In a little bit of a curveball this week, our advanced scouting article is going to focus specifically on one aspect of the offense-defense matchup rather than the entire unit's. Did the Colts figure something out leading into these playoffs or did they just happen to have the perfect game plan against the right team?

Better KCMO Building???

Seg. 1: Kansas City Couple Building Without Gentrification. Seg. 2: A Century Of U.S. Immigration.

Husband and wife team Daniel and Ebony Edwards have committed themselves to rebuilding one oft-overlooked neighborhood on Kansas City's east side. To do it, they founded Movement KC, through which they're working to revive parts of the Wendell Phillips area. Today, they shared their approach to redevelopment without gentrification.

Kansas City Winter Fear Redux

First Alert: KC in winter weather advisory for Friday, Saturday

A winter weather advisory has been issued for Kansas City for Friday evening until Saturday evening. The region could see between 2 and 4 inches of snow.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

First off 25th and woodland and Michigan is not in the jazz district or even that close, the city tore down a bunch of houses over there and apparently gave them the land. 1000 houses is impossible for any builder let alone two people who never did this for a living. Sounds like more tax money just got given away

Castizian said...

B b butt they're doing it without gentry inspiring,