Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Kansas City News Night Link Stand

This longtime international fashionista hottie keeps it tight during Winter . . .

ExpressUK: Kelly Brook pictures - Busty model puts on a leggy display

Closer to home here are a few of the worthwhile news items this evening . . .

Kansas City Storm Fear

All eyes on our winter storm arriving Friday in to Saturday

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- Dense fog will likely linger through noon Thursday in spots, but all eyes are on our winter storm arriving Friday. The storm is just now making landfall on the West Coast. Just because expected snow totals have changed, do not write this system off.

Show-Me Twerking Hazard!!!

Wild St. Louis Ladies Twerk on SUV's Roof as It Rolls Down the Highway

click to enlarge SCREENSHOT FROM THE VIDEO BELOW This past week has seen many St. Louis drivers exercising rare caution on the roadways after a massive weekend snowstorm resulted in nearly 900 car accidents across Missouri. But two women spotted twerking on the roof of an SUV as it traveled down the highway Monday apparently missed the memo.

Rock Chalk Money Troubles

Kelly Budget Spends on Kansas Schools and Child Welfare, Republicans Worry About Cost

In her first budget as governor, Democrat Laura Kelly aims to inject cash into what she calls critical state services. The proposal unveiled Thursday also would start to wean the state off money diverted for years from highway construction and upkeep. But the bill met a predictably harsh reception from some Republicans.

No Contest In Kansas City???

Mayor Sly James says Boston's mayor won't make friendly wager on AFC Championship

Kansas City Mayor Sly James said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is superstitious and won't make a friendly wager on Sunday's AFC Championship game.

Money Pit Cuteness Arrives

Penguin that hatched during winter blast named Blizzard

KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) -- The Kansas City Zoo has named a newly hatched king penguin Blizzard because it arrived amid a winter blast. The Kansas City Star reports that the chick emerged Sunday at the zoo's Helzberg Penguin Plaza, an indoor exhibit that allows visitors to observe the birds through glass.

Kansas Happy Conclusion: Nobody Was Shot

KCK police use Taser during traffic stop

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) - According to the police chief, officers had to use a Taser on someone during a traffic stop on Thursday. He said the stop happened in the area of Baltimore and Lowell. He also said the person was in a car taken in an armed carjacking.

Free KCMO Care, Of Sorts

St. Lukes creates website to help treat Chiefs Fever

There's a contagious epidemic hitting Kansas City this week. No, it's not the flu or the common cold. It's called Chiefs Fever, and St. Luke's Health System has created a website to offer information about the malady, and to inform people about the causes and treatment plans.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Everyone take a look at Sly James! He is the mayor of our city and he looks like an idiot! Cheap, tacky, no class, how embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

I think our mayor has a dignified appearance. He's too easily fooled into believing developers' rosy projections and chases expensive fads like a $102 million 2 mile streetcar and is a bad mayor but I can't attack his appearance that is a low blow sir. Sleepy cleaver needs to retire and let sly be KCs congresman.


Anonymous said...

A hungry Attorney General can turn these TDD's inside and out.