Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Kansas City Icy Hot News Links


As we begin to dig out of this Kansas City frozen tundra we offer big picture news on the triumph of the human spirit amid arctic conditions . . .

Egotistic: Brazilian Stunner Poliana Palad Braves The Freezing Temps For Sexy Record Attempt

UST: Relentless winter - Snowstorm pounds central U.S.; brutal cold will follow

Weather Channel: Winter is Hitting Its Peak, Here are 6 Sights That Prove It

Closer to home, here are the news links worth checking right now . . .

TV News Spots Rare Snow Plow Mostly Unseen In Kansas City Neighborhoods

Roads start out slick Wednesday morning in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The number of crashes and slide-offs climbed Wednesday morning as drivers hit snow- and ice-covered roads. Plow drivers worked overnight, prioritizing main roads and with plans to hit secondary and side streets later.

Rugrat Stay At Home Day

Schools cancelled due to road conditions on 1/23

Here's a quick look around HNE street by street. Most of the majors are clear or snow packed. Secondaries such ...

Tribute To Road Warriors

Kansas City area surrounded with rough winter road conditions

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Road conditions around the Kansas City metropolitan area remain covered in ice and snow. The Missouri Department of Transportation show that Interstates 70, 435, 29, 35, 470 and several other highways and roads remain covered. According to KanDrive road conditions are the same in Kansas except for parts of Overland Park and Johnson County.

Fire Destruction Overnight

KCMO restaurant collapses after fire

Steak'M Take'M in Kansas City, Missouri collapsed after a fire Wednesday night.

Winter Magic Trick

Watch KMBC's Nick Bender turn bottle of water frozen in seconds

KMBC meteorologist Nick Bender shows off a safe snow-day weather experiment using a bottle of water.

Slick Street Life

Ice and snow builds up across the Kansas City metro

School closings are flooding in as our weather goes from bad to worse. This is a live look from our mobile weather center. We just learned from KDOT crews that

Forecast For Now

First Alert: Cold temps to stick around

We'll see flurries this morning with icy, snow-covered roads. A cloudy sky will gradually give way with to a partly cloudy sky and possibly sun by the end of th...

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Anonymous said...

Roads are perfectly fine now.

Geezers, it's safe to hit the liquor stores.

Anonymous said...

11:19 LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Geezers all snug in their beds watching the Matlock marathon.

Anonymous said...

^^ And counting our money of which you'll never have any.

Anonymous said...

^^..and yet you're here, instead of doing other things with your "money". Hmmm...nice try you broke, busted, bitter, fucktard.

Anonymous said...

Quit berating yourself, @12:27, you'll become an adult someday too!
After all, you're right on the brink of "geezerhood" today!

Anonymous said...

Streets in the Northland are fine where MODOT plows, and in NKC, Gladstone and Riverside. Since KC became "high tech" and switched over to the "Solar Powered: snow removal system, there are still ice problems on their streets, but Kansas City will have all those cleared by May.

Don't forget KC's motto... "Shut up, you ungrateful shits!"

Anonymous said...

Predestination on Channel 41?
A fire at 9:47 WEDNESDAY Night?

Anonymous said...

Streets were plowed and salted here in Johnson County.
And they should be.
We are white, more important, and better than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Streets aren't really that bad anywhere. There was a time when this much snow and ice would have been greeted with a collective yawn. Now you'd think this is southern Florida.

Anonymous said...

The rugrats should have been in school today. I'd hate to see WTF happens in this town if a real snow storm or winter ever hit. I guess everything would be closed till spring. All I can say is you pussies best never move up north.

Anonymous said...

12:02 seems to have the hots for Matlock.