Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The Kansas City Evening News Layout

Hottie Anastasiya inspires us to take a better look at complex immigration considerations currently confronting the world via her EPIC body of newsworthy fashion work . . .

NPR: Despite Huge Backlogs, The Government Shutdown Halts Most Immigration Court Hearings

NYT: Why Republicans Should Support Immigration

FoxNews: Border security showdown at White House; Illegal immigrant accused in cop killing to be arraigned

Closer to home, these news links dominate our evening . . .

Kansas City Winter Survival Mode

KC man lived with no heat for 8 weeks

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- It's something a lot of us take for granted this time of year. You get home on a cold day and crank up the heat. But what if it's not working? That's the reality one renter says he's facing and he says the problem only got worse when he tried to get it fixed.

Kansas City Kitty Tryout

Ready for a pet? KC shelters say try fostering first

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Every year, it seems like the present to give during the holidays is a puppy or kitten. It's easy to get excited about adding another member to the family, but then reality sets in.

Local Lost & Found

Woman finds ultrasound pics in garage-sale jacket, hopes to return them to owner

Monday through Friday you'll find Marie Cady ensuring operations are running smoothly at the Windtrax office in Mission, Kansas. As a hobby, Cady enjoys buying and reselling items purchased online as well as at garage sales. "I bought this particular jacket in the summer," Cady said. "If it fit me, I would wear it."

KC Hipster Trivia Winning

Target deals new verse to Mixtape; players could pick founder's next tune

Mixtape allows players of the KC-made card game to "hide behind the song," connecting without fear of vulnerability, said creator Joel Johnson. That appeal recently helped push the cross-generational, multi-genre product onto Target shelves across the country. Players draw cards with such scenario questions as, "What song or band changed the way you think about music?"

Urban Core Artsy Inspiration

'Do what you love until they love what you do' An in-depth look at the journey and artwork of JT Daniels

Cardboard boxes of bright-colored spray cans line the bottom of the west wall, sitting just below a row of framed black-and-white illustrations. The wall, covered in neon spray paint, bears the handwritten phrase "People buy stories. Concentrate on your story." JT Daniels' art studio sits across the street from the Kansas City Star in the heart of Downtown KC.

Helping Hand Needed

Water damage threatens services at Operation Breakthrough

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Operation Breakthrough is a life-saver for parents in the metro who are living in poverty, but the facility itself was what needed saving Wednesday. A water heater caught on fire which set off the sprinklers and made a big mess, though the group was still able to open.

KCMO Winter Roller Coaster

Frigid to start Thursday, warming into Friday

Our next chance for precipitation won't come until Monday as rain.

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