Thursday, January 24, 2019

Survey Seyz: Kansas City Trucks Stay Winning Whilst Old School Sedan Market Crumbles For American Automakers

Just a bit of good news for the overnight . . . Nobody wants sedans or small cars. So much so that many companies aren't even making them. Meanwhile, this town's big-ass truck production pays off for the moment. Take a look and listen to this biz news update concerning and encouraging local topic:

Kansas City's auto industry is thriving thanks to the popularity of trucks

While news of layoffs in the auto industry have dominated headlines, there are places where the U.S. automotive industry is doing pretty well. One of those places is the Kansas City region which has a Ford and GM plant.


Cee Bee said...

We have seen this movie before. Wait until gas prices double overnight. Then people will be clamoring for smaller cars, and you will be able to buy a used truck for nothing.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^ +1

Electric is the future. Electric buses that is.

Anonymous said...

As long as I can keep my deuce and a half, with tire chains, going everything will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Ford is developing an Electric F-150 as we type this. They're not far off.

Anonymous said...

Will the electric vehicles be powered entirely by lightning? Or will we have to burn fossil fuels to generate the electricity that keeps them going? If the latter, why not just put the fossil fuels into a gas powered car and eliminate the middleman?