Monday, January 14, 2019


Alternative perspective from a friend of the blog that's far too bold and REAL for MSM. Check this thoughtful review of the season so far . . .

Super Dave: About The Chiefs Win

Okay who really won here?

Well the Chiefs won this game and of course winning is always nice and fun for some and very profitable for a few. Now we get to see how many people are going to pony up vast amounts of money they don’t have to keep riding this train.

Okay so they won, but in the end, how does this improve life at all for Kansas City?

The owner and the team get richer and many fans spend money they shouldn't and many probably can't afford to spend but will -- All for saying 'I was there'  . . . Try eating all that next month when you get laid off and you blew your savings for a few hours of what?

Sure, some will get to work extra hours that they might not have earned without the victory. But, those workers are making $12-an-hour or much less.

So, just how does this Chiefs win improve the standard of living or the conditions of infrastructure in this town? 

In the end it won't. Crime rates will still be high, murders will continue about every 2 to 3 days and city hall will continue to waste your tax dollars because folks won't apply the same amount of energy towards improving this town that they will waste over a football game.

When was the last time your ever voiced your displeasure in how the city is run or started a writing campaign to improve over all conditions of Kansas City? How many of you can’t be bothered with voting but never miss a football game? Planning your time around football every year and planning nothing around how your hometown is operated just might be the real reason it’s in the shape it’s in.

They won and to many people nothing else matters. The Mayor and City Manager went to the media to let you know they would do everything to make sure you got to the game on time and the road were cleared. Did they promise you safe travels anywhere else? Did they promise you 'safe' anything else? Nope, it was all about the game and nothing else mattered.

I'm not saying I hate football or any other sports for that matter. Folks need entertainment and entertainment can be good once in a while. But when entertainment takes a front seat and consumes your life as it appears it does in this town compared to everything else one really has to wonder, "Do people ever take a step back and ponder just really what is more important in their lives? Is football more important than seeing to your well-being? What is more important, where or how I live OR the local sports teams?"

Come on now, don’t lie as you ask yourself those questions. The answers are plain as day, just look at how things are in Kansas City and the answer is there.


Anonymous said...

Damn good stuff Dave! If KC had the kind of voter turnout that they do for attendance and TV viewership, this city would be much better off and have a much brighter future.

Anonymous said...

^^^ True, True. But they don't give away free bud light for voting. At least not anymore.

Nice column Dave!

Jj said...

The game is a beautiful distraction. Dave's right, it's not that we should hope the Chiefs should lose but just that people should pay attention to what's happening in their city as well.

Anonymous said...

Get Off My Lawn!!!

Anonymous said...

I don’t hate the NFL but trust me I’m not a slave to it. The social justice culture and Roger Goodell...the trash halftime shows they have now. $60 to park at Arrowhead....parking at arrowhead is fast tracking to become $100. Just to place your vehicle in a spot for a few hours. What does a beer cost right now? I wouldn’t know because I quit going to games a few years ago. Same thing with the Royals. Royals get a few lucky seasons and everything cost wise goes through the roof. Now the Royals are one of the worst teams in baseball (as usual) and they want to bend you over for everything. Royals: A Glass family organization.

With that said I’m glad Mahomes is here. I’m happy for the Chiefs to be a team for once that doesn’t run the ball up the middle on 3rd and 20. For the first time in my life they are somehow allowed to try to make big plays. This isn’t your traditional feels different.

Anonymous said...

Pass that big box of tasty mornin breakfast sugar donuts. By golly me gunna watch me sum football today.

It's no wonder the politicians are laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Spot on comments and excellent insight from Dave. People should be asking the same questions Dave asked?

Anonymous said...

My God, that was some of the dumbest shit I have ever had the misfortune of reading. Just fucking terrible. First, how the fuck do you know who can and can't afford a ticket dumbass! Just because you can't rub two fucking dimes together doesn't mean others are broke too. Next, it's not the Chiefs job to improve life in the city you fucking dope!! It's their job to play and win football games which in case you didn't notice they're doing and doing it well! Third, IT IS ALSO NOT THE CHIEF'S JOB TO FIX THE INFRASTRUCTURE IN THIS CITY YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Fourth, who the fuck said "football is more important than seeing to your well being" NOBODY!! Nobody fucking said that and only a Goddamed mongoloid would EVAR make that idiotic asumption!! Goddamn Tony, that is some of the funniest shit I've ever read. Thanks for trolling us all with this dumb shit!!! Only 6 other comments??? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

^^LOL! and four of those six comments are from Stupid dave himself! Hilarious!!!!!!!