Saturday, January 12, 2019

Steve Rose Advice For Rep. Sharice Davids

The oracle of the Golden Ghetto offers his hot take on the agenda confronting this town's favorite Congressional noob. There's actually a great deal of good advice in this column that still won't make Republicans happy after losing Johnson County over lady problems. Read more:

Rep. Sharice Davids has work to do in Kansas' 3rd District | The Kansas City Star

Sharice Davids, the newly-minted congresswoman from Kansas' 3rd District, has quickly made a big splash in Washington. But she also needs to make meeting with local leaders back home an urgent priority.


Anonymous said...

Davids does not care about her district. Her only job is to oppose President Trump.

Anonymous said...

Sharice should try to eat as much pussy as she can and sell out to lobbyists for as much money as she can, while she has the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know what is more pathetic, Rose thinking he’s responsible for scheduling Davids’ appointments, or the fact that as a so called Ivy League-educated attorney, Davids is following the advice of a pompous, RINO windbag like Rose. And as for Rachel Madcow, she had Sharice on her show because she’s a fellow lesbian. If Sharice were a man she would have never been asked.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:42 Steve Rose is by the most pathetic.
By now he's only a medium-sized Frog in a Tiny Pond, trying desperately to cling to his final shreds of relevance!

JoCoPost said...

Just to be clear, readers: Steve Rose voted for the Democrat Socialist and against Kevin Yoder, the Republican who believes in capitalism and free enterprise and paying one's bills and protecting our borders.

A perpetual turncoat, Steve Rose is famous for his "I was for him before I was against him", clear back to BiState I.

Such a pompous ass. And that's not ad hominem attack, it's a cold hard fact.

I wrote on TKC months ago that Sharice Davids knows no one in leadership in her district. Steve musta just read those comments, in need of a belated column.

Sharice also does not even know what a precinct committee person does. And why that is so important.

And since when does the STAR publish photos where they don't identify everyone in the lineup?
It's a staged swearing in, by the way...but not the real one. Gosh, there's no Bible!!! It's a tablet. Why isn't that mentioned in the story???????

Could it be that the KC Star doesn't want that story to get reported??

It's Sharice's brother, Nancy Pelosi, Sharice's mom sporting a man's belt, Sharice, and her partner, Alicia [No Name] that the campaign hid from all social media during the campaign. Alicia, the partner in the failed Hoka Coffee company that scammed a bank out of the $20,000 signature loan on the reservation, where Sharice is still registered to vote, or at least she was in June, 2018.

Of course, Rose does not bother to explain the reason Sharice needs to get to know local leaders. Other than bringing home the bacon, it's that pretty soon, Chief Nancy is going to order Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring to commence dialing for dollars, which is 15 hours a week chained to a desk in a calling center operated by the DNC.

Chief Pelosi is not gonna continue to buy our Congressional seat for $6.66 million every two years. She already got what she wanted: her chairmanship. That required a few loudmouth upstarts having to vote "present" in order to achieve victory.

Sharice is like a little Skipper Doll to A O-C's Barbie doll status as head princess of the Democrat Socialist wing of the party.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for some truth.

I would add one thing about that staged pic.
Who or what is that bearded person on the left in the pic wearing the Aunt Bea sweater?
Is that one of her tranny fans?

Anonymous said...

Damn it Tracy you stole my thunder! You go girl!

Anonymous said...


Sharice won. It wasn't even close. Get over it.

Donald T. Rump said...

Are we starting to see cases of "DDS" (Davids Derangement Syndrome) arise in the residents of Kansas?

Funny how all these derangement disorders didn't exist when the Rabid Republican Rantors were calling President Obama "everything except a white man", isn't it?

Anonymous said...

But he isn't a white man.

Anonymous said...

No, and he isn't a con man either!

Anonymous said...

Lots of upcoming entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you sure know a lot. Which one wears the huge 10 inch strap-on dildo, Sharice or Alicia?

JoCoPost said...

10:04, thank you--
I've now looked even closer and see that Sharice's brother is wearing a WOMAN'S sweater! Buttons on the right, button holes in the placket on the left. Whereas every men's garment sews the buttons on the left panel.

This family is a bit off. The Joads from Grapes of Wrath? Red trash?? Gender identity issues for each of them?

Question: when Sharice was sworn in, did she take the oath using an actual Bible? So why a tablet for this fake news photo?? Perhaps she wanted to have it be more than just a pic with Pelosi. That anyone can get.

But who grabs a prop from your purse to STAGE a swearing in, and PRETEND it was a Bible?

That's not just weird, it's disrespectful of our government. Maybe it's payback time, for when Andrew Jackson made all those treaties that our government broke around 1830. 150 years is a long time to hold a grudge.

Sharice would be better suited to a different seat in Congress. But since Cleaver was already bought and paid for, she couldn't challenge him--Pelosi would not have financed that.

Johnson County voters were snookered and our seat was bought and paid for. Gonna be a long two years...

Anonymous said...

Tracy, I'll call your "disrespectful of our government" and raise you a Lindsey Graham! Or if that's too rich for you, a Rudy Giulliani!

Anonymous said...

Hey T,
Maybe it’s a Big Chief tablet, and therefore sacred to Princess Feather Brain and her cross dressing tribe.

Anonymous said...

9 point win.


You lost. Get over it.

Do we need to issue a trigger warning of every Davids story so you snowflakes can retreat to your safe space?

JoCoPost said...

Good one, 6:35! Love it, Princess Feather Brain. Ddo you think Sharice will go full blown transgender for the next election? to find a new funding source for financing her campaign?

7:00, you are so new to politics, being puppets of George Soros and Nancy Pelosi, that you don't even know the branding of the tribes. Snowflakes are Democrats, not Republicans!!!
Yes, we lost. Now someone tell Sharice that Hillary lost first, and she needs to get over THAT!

Your tribe are the whiners needing a safe space...we are just keeping our powder dry, waiting for our brain-injured stammering Congresswoman who can't stick to her positions to wander onto the playing field. She's no A O-C. Bragged on Rachel Maddow about having been knocked out.

Her whole life has been about a strong start that doesn't work out for long. And if she were not a triple affirmative action bobble head doll, she would not have bought this seat.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Weak. So many insults to prove you're "over" your loss... Sad.


Anonymous said...

Is Alicia on the far left in white sweater or far right in blue jacket?

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Tracy. Yoder lost big time. It wasn't even close. What is your problem?

Perhaps Sharice is a tad NOCD, but Trump is NOCD personified. Why embrace that lowlife climber?

Hilary lost. She sucked as a candidate, but she won the popular vote. You keep telling people to get over it. Why not take your own advice???