Thursday, January 31, 2019

Stalled New KCI Airport Seyz It's Close?!?!

We've got plenty more to talk about on this sordid topic but for now here's a weak excuse from a project that continues to loot taxpayer funds despite promises that it wouldn't cost KCMO a dime. Read more:

Airlines close to signing deal for new KCI Airport, KC aviation director says

Kansas City's aviation director said the major airlines at Kansas City International Airport are close to signing off on a deal to build a new single-terminal airport. It means that construction can start once the airlines sign onto the development deal and the City Council approves it.


Anonymous said...

Just as soon as they find out how much the taxpayers are paying for it, then it will be ready to go, that’s what next weeks city clowncil meeting will determine.

Anonymous said...

The Week of February 4 - February 8, 2019
Not posted yet

Anonymous said...

When TKC revealed a plan to stick taxpayers with up to two billion dollars in city bonds, the airport people rushed immediately into damage control getting pieces like this on the air. But listen carefully to the video. Klein says airlines will sign "soon." Been saying that for months. Jolie Justus says at the next aviation committee meeting they'll talk about how to pay for the airport. Been saying that for months. In the meantime, they had to hold this meeting at the airport because the city's pipelines and electrical grid are falling apart, shutting down city hall. Joke.

Anonymous said...

SW needs to move to Johnson county