Monday, January 21, 2019

Sleaze Scummit Fights Over Diversity Chatter Amid School Power Struggle

A quick glimpse at exburb controversy on MLK Day that has education leaders struggling to find clarity or a teachable moment amid a more practical struggle for power and control. Checkit:

Lee's Summit Teachers Union Wants Superintendent Out, Citing 'Controversial' Diversity Training

In a strongly worded email to the school board, the Lee's Summit teachers union urged the board not to extend Superintendent Dennis Carpenter's contract. In the email, the Lee's Summit chapter of the National Education Association (LS NEA) said Carpenter shouldn't have pushed for diversity training during a contentious boundary change process.


Anonymous said...

Bet his section 8 house is real nice.

Anonymous said...

Lees Summit would be better of with a more traditional superintendent. One that represents all students rather than one particular group of underachieving students who are holding back the progress of the rest of the school district.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would they hire someone from Hickman Mills in the first place? That should have been red flag number one.

Anonymous said...

My son use to go to Sleeze Summit , and the school only wants black kids to play sports , we are white and we are leaving. St micheals here we come.