Friday, January 04, 2019

Show-Me Protest Against Missouri Guns

Quick look at more anti-gun wasted effort against gun rights in a Red State. Read more:

Opponents say guns in the Missouri Capitol 'unnecessary and dangerous'

JEFFERSON CITY * When Gov. Mike Parson's administration proposed a plan to allow visitors to carry guns in the Missouri Capitol, they asked for comments about the policy from the public. The response was an outcry of opposition.


Anonymous said...

Meh. More hysteria from suburban soccer mommies. Don't they realize that someone intent on murder and mayhem will not be stopped because guns are not allowed?

Are they really so simple minded and naive to think that a simple rule that says "no guns" will keep them safe?

Really... you are going to keep your child from visiting because someone might have a gun... well then you should keep them at home 24/7, because there are people out there that might do them harm and probably have a gun on them.

The socialists have done a great job convincing the weak minded that the gun is evil and the sole problem.

Obviously, those who think for themselves know that a gun is the means for a law abiding citizen to wield a powerful force to defeat evil, tyranny and political oppression.

Anonymous said...

^^Too long, will never read.

Anonymous said...

Wasn’t too long, read every word and totally agree!

Anonymous said...

I was in Topeka when they were lobbying the legislature last year for a bunch of new gun measures. They knew to behave in front of the camera but once the media was gone, *POOF* nastiest bunch of foul mouthed and disruptive nags and bitches you ever saw.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes we do! The bigger the better too!

Citizen said...

Gun control is hitting your target defending yourself!!!