Show-Me Prez Trump Border Wall Shut Down Stealing Missouri Food Stamps

Real world local impact of a political standoff betwixt the 1% takes its toll on the plebs who have more in comment with destitute than they do with the ruling class. Take a look:

Government Shutdown to Impact Food Stamp Recipients in Missouri

Missourians who are eligible for Food Stamp benefits will receive their February Food Stamp benefit early. The United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), which administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Food Stamp program, informed states that payments for the February Food Stamp or SNAP benefit must be issued on January 20 due to the partial federal government shutdown.


  1. Compassionate Republican1/14/19, 6:34 PM

    Sympathy for the elderly and the disabled. All others should GET A JOB.

  2. ^^^^ +100000000000000000000

  3. Dems back from vacation yet?

    1. Saw the accused pedo Mendez on the beach with a hot babe in FL


  4. Yep this is sad for the people who don't abuse the system, but to those who do, well, you are just SOL. Remember don't eat yellow snow.


    Here you ignorant rubes go. I knoe5it doesn't fit your narrative so you'll ignore it but this will hurt Trump country more than anywhere else. Good. Fuck you and fuck them. Bunch of Russian enablers.


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