Sunday, January 06, 2019

Show-Me The Mormon Missouri Comeback

Fascinating local think piece regarding local faith community history and the diversity of world views which settled this part of the nation. Read more:

How Mormon polygamists returned to Missouri and made it their melting pot


Anonymous said...

No thanks, hidden behind a pay wall.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Odd statement, I had no trouble reading the link at all.

Just what the Ozarks need, more religious cultists hiding "back in them there Hills".

This Laub character sounds loony enough to be elected to the Missouri Legislature.

Anonymous said...

Mormons may be stupid motherfuckers but they get their fair share of fucking.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read up on the history of the Mormon Church? All religions have some strange tenets but Mormons are right up there with the Scientologists. The Latter Day Saints are super nice people though, I'll give them that. And they look good into old age due to that clean living.

Anonymous said...

The Mormons should backtrack on their abandonment of polygamy in the 1890s-ish in order to be more mainstream, help Utah's bid for statehood, etc. Now that gay marriage is allowed all across our empire who gives a damn about more than on spouse? Only bigots against marriage equality or with prejudices against those who love multiply. And as far as American heresies go are the Mormons any different or worse than Scientology, 7th day Adventists, or the Unitarians and their vile Arian heresy?