Saturday, January 19, 2019

Show-Me LGBT Housing Hate In Missouri

The best round-up of this story that decries State officials working against protections for this community. Here's the progressive take on the hot topic. Checkit:

A lesbian couple in Missouri was denied an apartment because their marriage was not "understood in the Bible"

A federal judge has ruled in favor of the Missouri Friendship Village, a retirement community that rejected a lesbian couple due to religious beliefs. Here are the details.


Anonymous said...

The lesbian couple must be pretty damn stupid to even consider applying at an all straight retirement community.

Anonymous said...

The lesbian couple did that on purpose for one reason only and that is to start trouble. That's want their intentions are and have been all along you either do it their way and give them special treatment or else.

I myself will not rent to gays I have that right, and with the way they have been acting I refuse to do any kind of business with them. They are an abomination and their lifestyle is not natural and they know it. They will NEVER BE ACCEPTED!

Anonymous said...

As all the fruits do, they did it for the attention.
"ME! ME! ME!" "I'm a VICTIM"!

They should have read the lease agreement.
All lease agreements clearly state in Paragragh 7, Clause 2,
"No pussy-licking bull dykes are allowed".

Anonymous said...

If they were hot young lesbians, I would let them live there as long as they let me watch while they licked each other’s pussy. Bull dukes? Nope, they’re out.

Anonymous said...

A private organization should be able to decide who's its members are. No reason for the decision should be offered or required. That would help end these squicky wheel law suits.

Anonymous said...


Please decide what personal goals you seek for yourself in life, and then start working hard to achieve those goals.

Take responsibility for where you are in life. No one owes you anything.

If you need a college education, vocational training, military experience to reach your goals, then get yourself enrolled. Get off your social activist whining ass and make a life for yourself.

Conservatives desperately want you to be successful, and most are willing to help you if you act respectfully.

Nobody likes a whiner.
Excuses are like rear-ends, everybody's got one.
If you think you're a victim, think again.

Super Dave said...

To be honest I think it's wrong if you own a house and can not decide who and who not can rent it. If your Jewish and want to only rent to Jewish people that should be your choice and not anyone elses. If you gay and only want to rent to gays then more power to you. If your a group of Catholics who want a gated community of only fellow Catholics then again that should be your right to have. But I don't feel any government has the right to tell you who can and who you can't rent to unless there is government assistance involved.

Anonymous said...

Super Dave, it's a retirement community - of course there's government assistance involved!

Do you think anyone who is retired had any funds to live on after the Reagan and Bush Calamities?

Dude, the entire Reagan Administration was an eight-year-long raid on the savings of the elderly in this Country (remember S&Ls?), and then the Baby Bush Crash took their home equity away!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Sorry Dude but that place isn't receiving any government assistance. In fact if you don't have rather healthy retirement fund in place or lots of cash in the bank this isn't the place for you. Costs 50k to just get in along with monthly fees starting at 2k plus a month.

Anonymous said...

These two lesbos are loaded.
They can afford to go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 2:11. I'd not want to spend my retirement years around a bunch of narrow minded homophobic old coots. They'll find a better place to retire, and the community that rejected them will find some white trailer trash to move into the apartment the lesbians couldn't rent.