Show-Me Higher Missouri Wages 2019

A look at the bottom line for low-rent locals and a groundbreaking vote put into action before they start replacing everybody with robots. Read more:

What does that minimum wage increase actually mean for Missouri's smallest paychecks?

CLOSE Missouri's minimum wage is about to go up. It's one of 20 states increasing minimum wages, which will beef up paychecks for 5.3 million American workers, according to government data collected and analyzed by a liberal-leaning Washington, D.C. think tank tied to labor unions.


  1. What the minimum wage increase means is people will happily raise the costs of everything to make the raise pretty much meaningless.

  2. +1 8:26am. It just raises the cost of living for everyone living and working for more than minimum wage, which means low wage works impacted by the change will also pay higher costs because of it. Dumbest thing next to Jermaine Reed being a Third District City Council; and City's rental property permits. Glad the Mayor is out in 7 months. Let the real countdown begin.

  3. As a resident of Kansas (thank you God) I get to watch the drama from the west side of State Line road. When Missouri raised the minimum wage and failed to increase the gas tax I thought "Stupid is as stupid does". You raise the wages which raises all costs on everyone in your state and raises state tax revenue but you refuse to fix your roads with the increase in taxes it could bring. Roads in Kansas are good. Services are generally good, high percentage of kids graduate high school in four years and our murder rate doesn't get national attention.
    Thanks Missouri.

    1. ^^^Congrats on being an in-bred, redneck cousin-fuckin’, bible thumin’ retard. Kansas is the trailer park of America. Only rubes and mongoloids reside there. Maybe go post on a blog about Kansas? Oh that’s the right, the internet hasn’t been invented in Kansas yet.

  4. @9:13, you denizens of JoCo have started writing your fate. You elected an open socialist to congress, and closet progressives to positions throughout for State and Federal representation. Enjoy it while you can. You have the ability to literally map your fate by watching KC and its governance. It is coming your way. It will not take long, I'd say within a decade that the progressives have taken over then you too can experience the out of control governmental spending and spending along with the uptopia that is diversity in your nicest upper class neighborhoods. Talk all the crap you want on the small minority of KCMO that would love to see responsibility throughout our governing entities but are utterly powerless to initiate it.


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