Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Show-Me Debtors Prison Missouri Reform

Actually, here's a more in-depth take on this legislation . . . "Current rules allow courts to charge amounts that can be out of reach, leaving the accused to wait in jail for their trial. Over the past year, the Supreme Court has surveyed judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law professors and court officials in order to come up with “common sense modifications,” said Chief Justice Zel Fischer."

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Missouri Supreme Court to change rules on bail

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) -- The Missouri Supreme Court is changing court rules for setting bail. Supreme Court Chief Justice Zel Fischer announced the changes Wednesday during his State of the Judiciary address to state lawmakers. Courts beginning in July must first consider non-monetary conditions for defendants' release.

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Anonymous said...

So they basically want everybody to follow how petersucker does it, let them out on probation for murder.

Tough shit snowflakes.

Do the crime, do the time.