Show-Me Crybaby Small Biz Missouri Minimum Wage Loophole Fact Check

An important talking point in the discussion of the fair wage debate is that in Missouri it doesn't even apply to those people hiring workers lower down the food chain and people who defend old school legal wage theft don't really have a leg to stand on as they wait patiently for robot workers that they also can't afford . . . For edification:

"Due to a Missouri statute, individuals who are employed by a retail or service business whose annual gross volume sales or business done is less than $500,000 are exempt from the state minimum wage law."


Small Heartland businesses exempt from Missouri minimum wage hike

Missouri voters approved Proposition B last November to increase the minimum wage by 85 cents a year until 2023. Proposition B took effect immediately on January 1st, increasing the wage to $8. 60 an hour. Some small businesses in the state will not be required to pay the increase.


  1. Thank god someone is looking out for the mom and pop stores, that would have hurt them

  2. Unlike the wages, the $500,000 threshold hasn't increased in decades so what is considered a small business?

  3. saving businesses that shouldnt exist

  4. Every business should be exempt from the minimum wage law.

    You can't get anyone but retards and felons to work for minimum wage anyway.


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