Thursday, January 31, 2019

Show-Me Car Payoff Stop In Missouri???

Actually, this one is kind of bittersweet . . . There's nothing more satisfying than taking a beater to a chop shop and getting a pass for an extra 20 bucks -- The poor man's only opportunity to the rampant corruption that rules the State.

Here's an end to the fun and full employment for sketchy mechanics:

Bill in Mo. legislature would end safety inspections for non-commerical vehicles

It's been tried before only to fail. But there's another effort in the Missouri legislature to eliminate the car inspections required to renew your license plate tags. Right now inspections are required every other year for vehicles that are at least five years-old.


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Anonymous said...

Most of the vehicles on the road today have not had an inspection in forever. You go to the local skeevy garage and you buy one. The owners also don't carry insurance. You only get it when you have to renew your plates. And, dare I say it....many cars have expired plates that the po-po don't even bother with. Inspections are a joke -- insurance is a joke -- following the law is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Inspections are just a chance for a mechanic to rip the unsuspecting off with unnecessary repairs.