Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Show-Me Beer Price Regret In Missouri

Political penmanship push back that's a bit more entertaining than Missouri limiting public access to records. Read more:

Messenger: Former Missouri lawmaker pines for the good old days, when he didn't have to pay for beer

With a tweet in a snowstorm, former state Rep. Robert Cornejo prosecuted the Republican establishment case against Amendment 1. In November, Missouri voters of all political stripes overwhelmingly approved the anti-corruption constitutional amendment, sponsored by the bipartisan Clean Missouri coalition.


Anonymous said...

More than half the money that funded the "Clean Missouri" amendment ironically was dark, i.e. original donors unnamed. Maybe there should be another amendment prohibiting out of state dark money from sponsoring anti dark money amendments. Most of the rest was contributed by left leaning groups.

So rich leftists, who can't get their candidates elected in this state, are doing an end around representative democracy by pouring money into petition campaigns that opponents have no chance of matching. This is bought and paid for politics at its most blatant.

Anonymous said...

^^Blah blah blah...left-leaning...hrumpf hrumpf hrumpf....the left....some useless and baseless facts that nobody will check me on...hrumpf hrumpf hrumpf!

Anonymous said...

Slie and the clowncil disregarded the voters on the original fair weather toy train vote so the state is just following the precedent KCMO government established.

Anonymous said...

Juiceheads are generally amiable leaders.