Scumbag Chiefs Fan Knocks Down Po-Po

Spycam footage of traffic hot mess turned into a serious assault against local police. Take a look and help authorities find the suspect:

KCPD seeks driver who knocked down officer after Chiefs game Saturday

Kansas City police are asking for the public's help in finding a driver who knocked down an officer directing traffic after the Chiefs' playoff game on Saturday. Authorities said the police officer was directing traffic outside Gate 7. All southbound traffic was closed and traffic was diverted northbound after the game.


  1. The fat ass cop ran into the side of his truck, I’d sue if I was him

  2. The truck didn't hit him.
    The cop ran up to the truck.
    The story is a lie.

  3. Same dude that hit the kid with a beer.

  4. As if 95% of police are not corrupt cruel scumbags. Collateral damage, who gives a fuck.

  5. Shoot the driver. Empty the revolver.

    What if he hit someone down the road? He was going the wrong way.

    OPPD would have stopped him.


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