Saturday, January 19, 2019


Yesterday, we asked our blog community about impeachment talk and the shut down challenges confronting the Prez and the consensus was clear.


Today Prez Trump plans an announcement and possibly a new deal.

Meanwhile, the Administration has worked to skillfully spin an Internets debate over journalism into an impressive talking point against all of the media.

And, to be fair both Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Cleaver have spoken out AGAINST impeachment  despite more exuberance over the move from left wing progressives.

Nevertheless, it's important to point out that generally KC loves to clown the Prez but probably isn't "done" with him by a long shot.

Check the links:

BBC: Trump hits back at Buzzfeed report he 'instructed lawyer to lie'

Huff Post: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Mueller Pushback On BuzzFeed Report Is ‘Bad Day’ For News Media

The Root: I Don’t Care What Y’all Say, If Buzzfeed Brings Down President Trump, I’m Inviting Them To The Cookout

Fox News: Mueller team disputes BuzzFeed report claiming Trump told Cohen to lie

DC: CNN And MSNBC Repeatedly Floated Impeachment Over Disputed BuzzFeed Report

Fox News: Trump calls release of BuzzFeed report 'a sad day for journalism'; Giuliani urges DOJ pursuit of leakers

THe Hill: BuzzFeed stands by Cohen report: Mueller should 'make clear what he's disputing'

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Give it time. The President was due to win at least one argument. And even the "rebuke" was very vague.

Anonymous said...

"Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out."
Claudius--Roman Emperor

Anonymous said...

Wake up all the press and both parties hate me, you and Trump. They love money and running wars making more money using our money.

Anonymous said...

The media in this country know that the first amendment allows them to lie out their asses with near impunity, most readers never read past the first couple of sentences and that most of the idiots who read it never question it.

Anonymous said...

This was a classic example of the irresponsibility of "the media" and why the public has become about as disgusted with it as Trump.
First, a mysterious "breaking news scoop" report from Buzzfeed
Which immediately is reported as "news" by the cable networks without any attempt at all to confirm the information or get additional sources.
Then "reported" by the news readers on national networks like NBC.
Followed by a stampede of Democrats in Congress to investigate.
Followed by the observation by the Special Counsel that the report WASN'T TRUE.
What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Wait till after the "Major Announcement" Trump is going to make this afternoon - wonder which one it'll be?

1) Trump declares the USA is bankrupt, and walks away (yet again, # 7).

2) President Trump declares a "National Emergency", shuts down Congress, announces he will run the Country by Executive order, and suspends all further Presidential Elections till the Emergency is over. Russia sends troops to enforce order within the former United States.

Anonymous said...

The media is now like the National Enquirer - report the dirt as news without fact checking first.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty to impeach Comrade Trump without the Buzzfeed report. He is so obviously compromised. The entire Republican party is nothing but an organized crime syndicate and they all must go. Trump, Pence, McConnell, all of them. Check out this video from the G20 of Trump signalling Putin. You tell me what Trump is signalling.

Anonymous said...

All of Congress from both sides of the aisle is corrupt.

Super Dave said...

^^^^^^^^^+ 100

chuck said...

^^^^^^ +100

sunny said...

...12:01, what was messiah barry signaling when he told medvedev to tell Putin he would have more flexibility after the election? Comrad barry most corrupt America hating muslim loving racist person ever to occupy the WH.

Anonymous said...

@12:31 Up till now, you mean.
What was Donaldski Federikovitch signaling when he said during the campaign "he had never done any business with Russia" three months after he went to Moscow "to explore the possibility of building a Hotel there"?

Anonymous said...

12:31 keep your head in the sand. When the Mueller report comes out even Fox won't be able to ignore it and I'm sure that will confuse you so. Your narrative isn't going to stand much longer.

Anonymous said...

Impeachment is too soft. A sham trial in the Senate with the worst and unlikely result being removal from office.

Trump, Donnie Jr, and Ivanka all need to follow Manafort and Cohen.

Rule of Law. Indictment, a real trial, and jail time.

From the White House to the big house.

Grip Madlock said...

2 fucking years and not so much as a cunt hair of anything that comes close to Trump,Mueller will probably die before he finds as much as a free Big Mac given to Trump as a campaign comp.


Wrong! All their Clintoon Crime Fammy Scammy Foundation theft of "donations" done by those fraudsters, Webb's daughter, Chisler, and her "parents", HillyBilly, should have THEM in the slammer! The longest time served should be for that lying, crooked Email Eraser/Benghazi Butcher/Philanderer Enabler/Billy Assault Victims Blamer/Sniper Fire Dodger/Arkycider/and MORE...

Anonymous said...

Obama - Zero indictments.

Hillary - Not President, years of hearings but not indicted or even censured.

Try harder. The subject is the Trump family criminal enterprise. Ranger and SEAL deaths in Niger, Yemen, and Syria. Convicted campaign staff. Selling visas, Russian and Saudi money laundering, state secrets to China, Israeli Intelligence to Russia, North Korea surrender, unsecured phones and emails... Not paying Coast Guard, ICE, Border Patrol, ATF, DEA, Secret Service, FBI, air traffic controllers, TSA - making the country less safe. Furloughed food and equipment inspectors. Cabinet flying on private jets, insider stock trading, waste fraud and abuse in purchasing. Corrupt to the core.

Anonymous said...

The reason gov’t folks haven’t been paid is all Pelosi. Her idea of open borders is encouraging anyone to bypass legal immigration and giving hope and aid to Isis.
So you think Hillary didn’t cause Benghazi deaths? Ask the widows and widowers and comprehensive news coverage in Europe and you will see the Pearly Gates have a Do Not Enter for her.
So many issues with Obama and his criminal campaigns and administration. Helped by the crooked media- the public had enough and we now have the strongest economic growth, jobs (including highest Black employment) in history.
Mitch McConnel worked hard with Trump and we will see this budget passed in the Senate- if Pelosi truly hates America as her Geriatric-Alzheimer’s boorish behavior suggests- she will keep government workers hostage.
Polls suggest over 65% of America wants a compromise- something Pelosi has done to national security.
Write your Congress person and urge them to vote Pelosi out immediately.

Anonymous said...

@4:12, you say that 65% of America wants a compromise, that means that your "Beloved Leader" would have to give up something too!

All he offered today was a DACA agreement weaker than the one he offered (and the Democrats accepted) in November. Remember that?

Of course, as soon as Trump got some criticism from the extreme Right, he voided his offer and walked away from the agreement. Nothing in his "announcement" today indicates that he won't do the same all over again, so the Democrats would be foolish to trust him.

Compromise means "give and take", while Trump means "Take and Fake"!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how Trump's supporters defend his "compromise" offer to only building a section of fence in exchange for amnesty for dreamers.

So, no wall and extended DACA to stop deportation is his offer. Cheer that on you Trump chumps. He really knows how to negotiate and win. :(

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Toobin's right.
It was a TERRIBLE day for the "news media".
But when ANYONE with internet access and a desperate need to bring attention to themselves IS what passes for "the news media", there'll be more bad days than you can count.
Big talk.
No responsibilities.
Not a good combination.

Anonymous said...

2:57 stop watching Fox "News." The charity has an excellent rating. Here's one source, you can find many others if you want.

You cult45 members are the dumbest, most gullible idiots on the face of the Earth. Stop watching TV. Read an actual non-fiction book. And no Art of the Deal, or any other book by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Ann Coulter does not count. Try to actually learn something that is factually true, books that cite legitimate sources. You won't though. You'll continue to watch Fox so your echo chamber can be parroted to you. You ever notice how much shit your fed isn't true. Still have your guns don't you? I thought Obama was taking those away? What happened to all those dissidents locked up in abandoned Wal-mart's all over the South in operation Jade Helm15? Oh, that was bullshit? Trump paid investigators to find Obama's fake birth certificate. Where is that? There are hundreds of other examples yet you still believe everything you're told to believe. Aren't you ashamed for not being able to form a single critical thought of your own? Isn't it embarrassing always believing lies? Do you let this happen in other areas of your life? Do you let your boss or wife lie to you constantly? No? Then why do you believe everything in this one area of your life? Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Whataboutism originated in the USSR - just saying comrades.