Raytown Homicide Witness Declared Missing

Exburb scary crime story and the consequences of more violence spreading throughout the metro. Read more:

Raytown police ask for help in finding witness in pending homicide case

Raytown police say Kenneth E. Cornwell Jr., 42, was last seen Jan. 15, 2019. Raytown police are asking for help in finding a missing 42-year-old man. Police said Kenneth E. Cornwell Jr. is a witness in a pending homicide case. He was last seen Tuesday night at 8915 East 67th Street in Raytown.


  1. Don't worry I'm keeping him company.

  2. this could be bad

  3. This is scary and I hope this guy is okay. Raytown isn't even investigating their own crimes. Ever since they shoved 15+ officers off their payroll the MO State Highway Patrol has been doing their investigations. I doubt the Raytown citizens are being given the service and protection they deserve but I bet they're still having to pay for it.


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