Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Prez Trump Alma Mater Studies 'Smart' KCMO

TKC doesn't vouch for this free .pdf but it does come from a leading national biz school that helped to power the Prez.

The local consideration follows the litany of coverage on local tech:

Kansas City: Making a City Data-smart - Kansas City, Mo., is a pioneer in leveraging public-private partnerships to provide free services to residents. But it is vigilant about protecting the privacy of user data.

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Smart Cities: A Toolkit for Leaders - Knowledge@Wharton

Download the PDF The definition of a "smart city" is changing. While it refers to a community that adopts technological tools to become more efficient, the term also increasingly encompasses ideas of sustainability, compassion and equity for all stakeholders.


Anonymous said...

"But it is vigilant about protecting the privacy of user data"


Anonymous said...

All these tech company's making smart city "crap-junk" would go bankrupt if it wasn't for politicians wanting to appear "cool, modern, and popular".

Anonymous said...

^^^OMG pops...did you think of that all by yourself? You sound really old...Get off my lawn!!!!!!!!!!