Population Centers In Missouri Admit Defeat In Losing Drug War Against Weed

Prosecutors in KC and STL lead the way in a legal move to prioritize their resources and tacitly declare the end of the petty drug war against recreational weed users. Read more:

Urban prosecutors in Missouri put end to most pot cases

Recreational use of marijuana is illegal in Missouri, but for about one-third of the state's residents, it's a crime prosecutors won't pursue. Over the past seven months, prosecutors in St. Louis city, Jackson County and most recently St. Louis County have all announced they will no longer prosecute most low-level marijuana possession cases.


  1. In Jackson County, not a big deal. Jean Petersucker Baker doesn’t really prosecute murder either, so why would she prosecute marijuana arrests? Jean Petersucker Baker is the weakest prosecutor ever.

  2. Might as well not prosecute weed crimes, they stopped prosecuting auto theft years ago.

  3. Note all these pro-weed prosecutors are Democrats, the same party dedicated to legalizing everything abhorrent and banning everything that rings of traditional America or the Bill of Rights.

    Never, ever vote for a Democrat.

  4. Gus, I don't know how old you are but your comment makes you look like you're 70, pushing 80. The fact is there are millions of high caliber individuals who enjoy vaping, smoking, eating.....weed. Similar to you know, drinking alcohol. I think we all can agree that the government should stay out of our private lives with regards to these things.

    But hey, you do you and bitch about Democrats for everything. Keep shaking that fist at all those perceived injustices (war against xmas, they wanna take our guns, etc.) out there.


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