Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Polar Vortex Today: The Kansas City Big Chill

Nationwide newsie video explains today's weather phenomenon without giggling at morning anchors who can barely contain their rage.

It's -2° right now in Kansas city. Feels like -20° . . .

Check all of the better weather news links right now:

Kansas City Freeze Is For Realz: Midwest braces for life-threatening, below-freezing temperatures

Cold Reality Bites: Experts warn of frostbite dangers during dangerously cold temperatures

Cowtown Pet Precautions: Animal Health and Public Safety saves local lives big and small

Frosty Alert: Polar Vortex Causes Midwest States Of Emergency As Cold Pushes Farther South

Reader Suggested News Chill: Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Scientists Expect Global Cooling

Neighborhood Good Deeds Warm The Heart: KC family living without heat receives overwhelming support from good Samaritans

KCMO Winter of Low Expectations: High temp Wednesday only reaches 6 degrees

Stay warm. Developing . . .


Old Man Witherspoon sipping a coffee at the Hy-Vee said...

Back in my day we called this 'winter' and didn't soil our breeches at the first sight of it.

The bus is empty said...

^^^^ +100

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Old Man Witherspoon also said he had to walk twenty miles to School, (uphill both ways,) while fighting off Indians with his Hopalong Cassidy lunchbox!

Anonymous said...

^^^You almost got it right. Forgot about the wolves.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Nope, wolves are too smart to go out in weather like this.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of wimps. It's winter. Winter is cold. Duh. If you don't like winter, move.

It has been colder, much colder around here. Somehow we all managed to survive... in fact, everyone even managed to get to school and work too.

When did weather become the big story?