Thursday, January 17, 2019


Meanwhile, the local "home town team" waits patiently for real news that doesn't appear in this report . . . Read more:

KCI Partnership, led by AECOM, thinks it can do KCI cheaper | The Kansas City Star

KCI Partnership, a consortium of companies led by AECOM that was not selected to build a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport, said in a letter Thursday that they can beat the current price for the project by more than $1 billion.


Anonymous said...

AECOM says it can do the new KCI a billion dollars cheaper? If that's true, it's a savings equal the original advertised price of the new airport. Even at City Hall prices, that's real money. It seems like something the city would check out. Ditto the airlines, since they are being asked to foot the bill.

Hyperblogal said...

Two billion dollars to get what looks like a new car showroom. Reach for the stars KC.

Anonymous said...

Teresa Loar needs to stop drinking and get on the right side of the issues. #BitterOldDrunk

Anonymous said...

Intriguing numbers!! If AECOM can do it cheaper, then let them. Those numbers demonstrate a tremendous difference in cost! Why is no one commenting on this??

The baggage claim issue, the fact AECOM has not been part of the recent dialogue with Southwest - its just filler, chatter, and excuses not to take AECOM seriously .. because the Edgemoor 'proposal' is about to crash.

Last I checked AECOM is a bigger older more experienced firm than Edgemoor.

Anonymous said...

@2:08 I agree.