Tuesday, January 01, 2019


Call it propaganda from the MSM across the nation or just another reinforcement of this town's love affair with upbeat press conferences.

Meanwhile, most of us know that the impact of this corporate initiative is mostly focused on a smallish stretch of road whilst the vast majority of KCMO streets remain old & busted.

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In High-Tech Cities, No More Potholes, but What About Privacy?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An algorithm predicts where potholes will emerge so road crews can resurface streets before cracks appear. Dog houses outfitted with cameras and temperature controls provide people a place to leave pets while they're on a date or at yoga.


Anonymous said...

More tech scams. I dunno, they trust us. Dumb fucks.

Anonymous said...

Gunshot detection system. KCMO supposedly has this as has been claimed by city minions.

Photo states commuters on the fair weather toy train. Actually they people are part of the 25 million anally tourists.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised KCMO politicos fell for the "smart city scam".

Anonymous said...

Did they really say no more pot holes? Are they kidding?

Anonymous said...

I ran into The NY Times’ Jason Blair’s twin.
He said some other things that were in the works:
1. Official Sly James robot pick pockets. No need to raise taxes - robots will steal wallets. Sly has been working on this since day 1 in lieu of raising the city earnings tax.
2. New techno gadget that reads peoples’ minds So KC can knowwho has criminal intent. While in the final stages- it’s development has been hung up at last report as it showed old Sly had Jolie Justus bent over a truck bed.
3. New tech gun that that evaporates things that aren’t needed. Apparently some upper management at the KC Star stoke it and are testing it out on the remaining staff over in the glass building that houses what remains of a once proud institution.