Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Missouri Takes Money To Make Money?!?!

Our favorite number crunchers offer a bit of perspective on the Jeff City cash game and why neither Republicans nor Democrats are going to fix the mostly corrupt and broken system. Read more:

Missouri's Biggest Cities Spend $100 Million Annually Just to Give Away Money!

An excellent story in the St. Louis Business Journal points out that according to a recent study by the Milken Institute, Kansas City and St. Louis are at best middling when it comes to economic growth.


Anonymous said...

“The problems with Kansas City and St. Louis won’t be solved by lavish economic development incentives. Instead, city leaders need to focus on the basics: infrastructure, public safety, education and the like. There is no shortcut to success—no matter how much you spend.”

That’s the same shit we’ve been telling the city about but sLIE and clowncil don’t care, it couldn’t be more plain as the nose on your face. They screwed the taxpayers over for personal profit.

NicK said...

I agree with this but, KCK KCMO ARE NOT THE SAME PLACE!

Anonymous said...

Hope Gopher boi sees this article which states the same thing TKC posters have been saying for quite some time.