Wednesday, January 09, 2019


Worthwhile glimpse of the issues confronting Jeff City and the GOP hegemony as works to keep up with promises, battles intraparty intrigue and the increasing power of citizen initiative petitions.


Missouri Legislature Opens 2019 With An Ambitious Agenda

Missouri lawmakers gaveled themselves into session on Wednesday, marking what could be a legislative session full of complex policy - with the usual politics thrown in the mix. As was the case in the past two years, Republicans hold commanding majorities in the House and Senate.


DeBergerac said...

First item on the Agenda - overturn the will of the People and get rid of that damned "Clean Missouri" Amendment - by any means possible!

That damned thing screws up this cushy job completely!
Hell, I might as well go back to chasing Ambulances down gravel Roads!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ LOL! +100,000!