Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Missouri Jail Time Costs Inmates: Indentured Servitude OR Price Of Justice???

Really great insights and cost break down of a controversial practice in the Show-Me State that puts the entire system at risk over a measly ill-gotten profit. Read more:

Show-Me Institute Issues Brief Regarding "Pay to Stay"

Recently the Columbia Missourian ran a story about jail bond bills-payments that defendants are required to make to cover their own incarceration in county jails. According to the story, only seven of Missouri's 114 counties do not collect such funds.


The Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God said...

If you have been in jail then yes you should have to refund the tax payers for your costs to be in cross bar hotel. No more free rides.

Anonymous said...

8:17 please read tony messenger’s excellent reporting in the St. Louis post dispatch for why it is a terrible idea to charge people for their jail time. Many abuses.
Associate Circuit courts turn into debtors prisons. Very easily abused as revenue source. Presses very hard on some poor & down and out folks. Traps people in the criminal justice system. Etc.
Western district ct. App. just ruled against the practice. Was like something you’d read about in a United Nations dossier about a corrupt country but no it was right here in Missouri in dent, st Francois, Lafayette, Caldwell counties etc.

Thanks tony for the link. Thanks to the show me institute too.


Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ What an idiot

Anonymous said...

$35 a day doesn't buy you a very nice room by the looks of it. Bed, sink, and shitter. Should be perfect set up for meditating 18 hours a day....Ooooommmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

They can stay for free, but daily beatings will commence.

Anonymous said...


DARRYL claimed the jail wasn't his FORTE!!!