Friday, January 04, 2019

Meth Town Politico Against Old School Taxes

Possibly the greatest talking point to win votes among the only demographic that regularly participates in Democracy out of a sense of both civic duty and boredom. Read more on a nice idea that might have a shot. Read more:

Independence lawmaker pushes bill to eliminate property taxes for seniors

A bill to eliminate property taxes for senior citizens will come up in the next legislative session in Missouri. Republican state representative Bill Kidd of Independence will prefile the measure next week. It is being drafted now and could work one of two ways; an outright waiver of property tax or a 20 percent tax over five years, then the money would be rebated.


Anonymous said...

This is baloney. As a group, older people have more assets than any other age demographic. Eliminating property taxes for seniors would just increase the property taxes for others, including first time buyers, who typically are less able to afford it.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Absolutely correct.

Additionally, I'm sure no one would ever cheat with that loophole and hide their assets.

Just transfer all property to a qualified senior with transfer back to the original owner at death. What could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

3:44 and 4:27 spoken like true paltions

Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me, but it’s probably a scam to get votes.

I’m not sure why you’d think all seniors have that kind of money, they don’t, remember there’s a large group in their eighties and nineties that retired over twenty years ago living on a couple grand a month so the cost of living being 10 times higher than it was it’s hard to make it. The only plus they have is a paid off house. Quit being a hater

Anonymous said...

"I’m not sure why you’d think all seniors have that kind of money, they don’t...." That's not what the poster said. Read it again, slower this time.

Anonymous said...

4:38 - What's a paltion?