Monday, January 07, 2019

Life Lesson: Golden Ghetto JCCC Price Spike Expects Harsh Times Coming Soon

3rd choice college life gets even more expensive as economic hardship is on the horizon. Read more:

Anticipating a recession, JCCC decides to raise next year's tuition

JCCC Students enrolling at Johnson County Community College will have to dig a little deeper to pay for classes next fall. JCCC trustees recently gave their blessing to the first tuition increase in three years. The trustees listed concern about the next economic downturn as their reason for giving the OK to an increase that student leaders said would be hardest on the poorest students.


Anonymous said...

Those suits running these places like their expensive designer cars and fine wines.

Anonymous said...

Is this a self fulfilling prophecy? Who are they that they can say there is going to be a recession? They will do more harm than good if they do this, people can't afford tuition now as it is. More money less students. Maybe they can go to Alexandria Cortez for some advise on her free schooling plan. I wonder how those suits would like socialism and the wages that it would bring in? Sounds like that college is going to commit suicide.