Last Dance With Claire McCaskill

The former Senator wraps up her angry farewell tour with a Kansas City conversation wherein she seems a bit exhausted after burning just about every bridge connecting her to the NEXTGEN of the Democratic Party. Checkit:

Claire McCaskill On The State Of The Democratic Party In Missouri And DC.

As she bids farewell to her seat in Congress, tension has followed Missouri's former senior senator. Since her defeat in the midterms, Claire McCaskill has been criticized for her comments about abortion rights advocates, a certain new member of the House of Representatives, and those she wished were more critical of the president.


  1. She's part of the problem and it started with this disastrous healthcare law. She was sucking Obama's dick for 8 years!

  2. But and bye air Claire!

  3. She is history and should move on to the Caymans.

  4. Zat a bad pic, or is the ol' bag gettin' her drank on lot too offen, y'all?

  5. So does this mean she is about to go away to never be heard from again?

    1. That bitch will be heard from until someone glues her mouth shut and puts her in a straight jacket where she belongs.


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