Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Lasergate: Billionaire Basically Implies Kansas City Chiefs Fans Are Scumbags

Once again fanboys embarrass Kansas City in a losing effort.

On the subject of increasingly unsportsmanlike conduct at the Truman Sport Complex . . .

“It doesn’t happen when you come to Foxboro,” Kraft told Michael Strahan.

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Robert Kraft weighs in on 'Lasergate' controversy

The NFL is currently conducting an investigation into evidence that Tom Brady had a laser pointer shined in his eyes during last Sunday's overtime victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium. Regardless of the inv


Anonymous said... just get beer thrown on the players when you come there!

Anonymous said...

Krapt is right about this not happening in their stadium. That's why the Cheatriots' fans have an app tuned to listen to the visiting team's play calling live supplied by Jellocheck.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha how funny, Kansas city is a violent city, so what do you expect? Chiefs fans go to the grocery store in their little chiefs pajama pants, the women look like hard core, die hared, split tails. NFL is for alcoholic, mindless trash!

Anonymous said...

So He's calling the kettle black.... Wait are there any black owners in the NFL WHAT?

Anonymous said...

Chiefs are the biggest chokers in the NFL.

Now whining about the referees.

Anonymous said...

Did a Patriot supporter do this laser trick?
Was Brady in on this?

Anonymous said...

New England is full of assholes (Massholes).

Ever drive a car thru there? Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Some idiot in KC used a laser to try to effect the game? This is not only stupid but it is a felony. Gives KC a black eye.
This person will probably get caught.