Friday, January 25, 2019

Kansas High Rate Power Play Plea

An important glimpse at advocacy for the penniless and often powerless plebs who struggle to keep the lights on . . . Here's a link tease and more info hoping to grant a reprieve from constant spikes in utility costs across the Heartland.

Take a look:

Groups ask Westar, KCP&L to lower rates, implore Legislature to order new study

Advocates intent on lowering electric utility rates in Kansas appealed Thursday to state legislators, asking for an independent study that delves into ways to lower rates.Jim Zakoura, spokesman for the Kansas Industrial Consumers Group, which has been a leading voice in criticizing Kansas City Power & Light and Westar Energy for high rates, also challenged those two companies to show a good faith effort by immediately lowering rates by 10 percent.Chuck Caisley, spokesman for the two energy


Anonymous said...

I lowered my rates by not wasting electrical usage.

Anonymous said...

^^Wow. Good for you. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

^^Not a hater like you who spends all day here shitting on people.

Anonymous said...

^^maybe people shouldn't spend all day on here shitting on others. Ever think of that dumbass?

Anonymous said...

KCPL is earning the wrath of the Kansas political establishment for the BS double talk on rate hikes. Check the market cap, and the gobbledygook bills and the way they suppress independent solar and you can understand why there is a big back lash.