Monday, January 14, 2019

Kansas Guv Granny Kelly Can Expect Only Fighting From Sunflower State Republicans

A new chapter in Heartland politics begins with a Guv who will face hardline GOP who have a formidable legislative hegemony, an army of online trolls using hate speech but still confront the prospect of more women abandoning their platform . . . In her opening remarks she claims that "partisanship has cost Kansas its sense of self" along with other inspiring niceties. Checkit:

Democrat Laura Kelly sworn in as new Kansas governor | The Wichita Eagle

Laura Kelly is inaugurated as 48th KS governor after becoming the third woman to take the oath of office. She defeated Republican Kris Kobach in the November 2018 election and replaces Jeff Colyer.


Anonymous said...

This governor might be one of the worst in Kansas history if she doesn't learn how to compromise.

Anonymous said...

This bitch needs to move the fuck back home to New Yoak with her quack husband and let real Kansans run our state.

Tracy Thomas said...

Our existing budget already shows us $600,000 in debt in the next two years. And that is before all of Governor Kelly's giveaways to get elected.

There is a growing socialist movement that just wants free stuff, and has no idea or skill or ability to live within their means, to pay for it.

I feel like one reason Gov. Colyer did not dispute the close primary, (354 votes, could have demanded a recount) was he knows the future for Kansas taxpayers is BLEAK! So he's been governor for 6 months. But like all elected jobs in Topeka, second prize is two terms. It's like Congress, mean and arguing about budgets nobody understands--except you're working for milk money.

Colyer can get back to his medical practice, and doing good works including free surgeries for kids with cleft palates in eastern Europe. A satisfying life.

This is gonna be an ugly four years.

Tracy Thomas said...

correction, $600 million

Anonymous said...

Kelly inherits a projected $600 billion debt over the next 2 years.

That would be from the budgets of Brownback/Colyer and the veto proof GOP House and Senate.

So exactly who again "has no idea or skill or ability to live within their means"??? 8 years of their programs is exactly why the state finances are bleak.

Republicons are second to none in their crony giveaways. Debt always explodes under their budgets.

Anonymous said...

Well said, 11:47! Brownbutt's 'tax cuts solve everything' stupidity screwed the state royally. At least he helped prove how false and idiotic supply side theory is.