Kansas Columbus Day Switcheroo!?!?!

Quick glimpse at an outdated holiday that could confront drastic change in the fight for social justice or mostly because people don't really know or care much about the legacy of the old school Italian explorer sailing in the name of the Spanish crown. Checkit:

Lawrence lawmaker sponsors bill to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

A local lawmaker is pushing to change a holiday that honors a European man who "discovered" America to honor instead the people who originally inhabited the land. State Rep. Boog Highberger, D-Lawrence, is co-sponsoring a bill with Wichita Democrat Rep. Ponka-We Victors, who is Native American, to change the state's recognition of the second Monday [...]


  1. Move to China. You'll love communism.

  2. ^^^ Go back to Denmark.

  3. With all of the shit load of problems Kansas has and the legislature needs to focus on this is the best they can do?
    Work on the budget, schools, KanCare (not Medicare Expansion), Highway funding, Prison reform, or any one of a hundred other pressing problems. Changing the name of a holiday is just showing the citizens of Kansas that we have a clown farm for a legislature.
    Get serious and fix REAL problems!

  4. Kansans are too smart for these dipshits, it’ll nevar happen, these people are an annoyance, nothing more.

    Shouldn’t they really be trying to get important things like healthcare and prescription drug prices lowered? I mean, seriously, indigenous peoples day, that’s funny right there!

  5. I predict a run on firewater if this happens.

  6. Let's see 1000 BC, Europe and the Indigenous world... ready set go. 1500 years later the builders of the Sistine Chapel show up in ocean going vessels and discover the Indigenous ones have not accomplished crap. We are suppose to feel guilty for showing them the world ? Total bull shit.

  7. ^^^^ Sorry, too much credit. Europeans showed up 2500 years later.

  8. It's a fitting way to honor the Noble Savage.

  9. Come On, after all Columbus wasn't the first European to "discover" America, he wasn't even the last!

    But on the other hand, he didn't run around in a mix of Haida and Creek iconography, either!

    Maybe we'd be better off calling it "Whatever Day".

  10. ^^^^ I'll take a +100 on Whatever day.

    Can we make sweatpants and a big gulp mandatory?

    I'm in!

  11. I move to bar anyone called “Boog” from the legislature.

  12. I don't want to know how he got that nickname, but I will bet that it has to do with green,slimy and traveling from nose to mouth.


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