Friday, January 11, 2019


Let's face it, the shut down is now part of U.S. history and most KCMO news fell by the wayside compared to all manner of topics related to the Commander-In-Chief.

Still . . . There's still a lot of game among the local elite and we wanted to recognize these locals for keeping things interesting.


Council Lady Teresa Loar

She wasn't afraid to ask serious questions of Councilman Jermaine Reed about his airport adventures. Also, she doesn't have an opponent this time around. Already Council lady Teresa looks to be a leader on the new council as we enter into silly season.

Kansas City Fed Worker Protesters

A bigger turnout than suspected and quite a few locals calling out the current impasse eared most of the coverage this week . . . Keyboard warriors might not show much sympathy but the fact is the Federal government is the single-largest employer in Kansas City and their hardship has certainly impacted the metro economy.

NKC Police Who Saved Kitty

The story made global headlines and the guy earned a prize from PETA along with a new friend. In a week with very few feel good stories, this one made just about everybody (who still has a soul) happy.

And so, at the conclusion of this Red Friday of all Red Fridays:

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, the protesters were not powerful, they were powerless. Most of them did not even work for the federal government. They were nothing more than pawns that were used by the Democratic Party. I'll include more info in an e-mail but I think you are off base about this and a number of things about the blog. Don't glorify power, do something more innovative and challenge it!

David S. Pumpkins said...

Trump wins.

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ When are you going to get a life? That's probably a big question you get from a lot of people who bother to care. I don't.

Anonymous said...

You want to know the real winner in KC this week?

Kansas City International Airport.

For those who really watched the news, the current airport is running at historic capacity and getting more flyers to their destination on time. The airport is a marvel of architecture and efficiency. We truly have something spectacular in our current airport and it should be preserved. Most of the people who say otherwise are simply looking for a pay day.

Anonymous said...

The good news is I can get in and out of the liquor store faster now that all the fed workers didn’t get paid!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ LOL

Winner, winner chicken dinner @11:33!

Anonymous said...

1) The entire wall controversy is comprised of fear-mongering and disinformation.
2) The shutdown's impact on people who simply want to do their jobs and support their families is very real and equally senseless.
3) The cruel, jaded comments made here simply reinforce what a mean, petty society we are disintegrating into.

Anonymous said...

12:01 lighten up Francis

Please refrain from reading this blog if you don't have a sense of humor and a good looking mother.

Anonymous said...

i am a little tired of people who 'simply want to do their jobs and support their families'.

Anonymous said...

Theresa Loar hear her roar.
The airport is definitely a model in efficiency.

Dr, Autodidact said...


Councilwoman Loar has been mentioned favorably on this blog, so we will all soon be treated to a vomit of lies and hate from THE GUTLESS WONDER (a.k.a. the Council Coward)!

This "anonymous" piece of filth has inadvertently let few clues slip in the past, "Can't get six members to support her", the use of "us" several times and so forth that have narrowed their identity down to being either the Mayor or one of the other six members of the Aviation Committee.

At this point it hardly matters which of "Sly and the Slimy Six" it is, but these despicable attacks certainly serve to demonstrate the state of panic these pitiful scoundrels are in as they watch their "Airport Fiasco" collapse around them.

STAY TUNED, BOYS AND GIRLS - for the next barrage of lies and slander aimed at the strongest supporter of "Airport sanity" from your favorite Superhero, THE GUTLESS WONDER!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Holy Shit!
A knockout before they even get in the Ring!

Anonymous said...

In her previous terms on Council, Loar tried to get a future potential candidate arrested on phony, false charges. A corrupt major at North Patrol, KCPD, was influenced to persecute an honest community activist. Loar and Rick Moore failed in this attempt.
A small entry on Loar's long record of corruption and unethical behavior.

Anonymous said...

Tony was given hard copies of Star articles, during the last Council election by Mr. Hodges, detailing published history of Loar's record of crooked deals.
Efforts to promote her will only create attention to her criminality.
Sad that Killa City business community prefers to support corruption over ethical candidates. And the Star protects them.
Little wonder the murder rate is so high when leaders are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Loar is knee deep in pushing this boondoggle of an airport on us. Now we are expected to look at her as some kind of savior. She’s a feckless opportunist.

Dr, Autodidact said...


Just couldn't STFU could you, GUTLESS?

Daley Reeder said...

KC Star, 11/30/1993, p.B4.

Letter to Editor

I was the woman who was humiliated by the Star, indicted by the Jackson County prosecutor and investigated by the FBI.

Teresa Loar

Anonymous said...

In her defense Glorioso has left the stage. Rick Moore left town.
No idea who her mentor is now. Chamber?

Anonymous said...

Have absolutely no ides @12:46, ask Gutless!
He (or she) is the Teresa Loar Stalker (excuse me, meant to say "expert")!

MDLQ said...

So why is there a 'hand/ glove' on the traffic barrier next to the cat?
Are there more along the barrier?
What's the reason?
.....answer please.

Anonymous said...

@5:08, it's Kansas City's version of a "Hidden Mickey", but we just can't do it very well!