Kansas City TrumpCare FAIL?!?!

The biz of caring for the sick suffered quite a few setbacks last year and now this local health provider struggles to pay bills.

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North Kansas City-Based Hospital Network Falls Behind On Payroll And Other Payments

Rural hospitals affiliated with North Kansas City-based EmpowerHMS are struggling to meet their financial obligations, leaving employees and vendors holding the bag. Various news outlets have reported that EmpowerHMS hospitals in Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arkansas have failed to meet payroll or defaulted on their rent and utility payments


  1. Sounds like another of those "Good Republican Cubans" in Florida is running yet another scam, and now that the golden stream is under scrutiny, has drained all the liquidity out of his "shell" and is leaving the husk to blow away in the wind.

    Oh well, who cares, they're just "little people" in flyover Country, nothing to bothers good GOP supporter.

  2. Rural hospitals and services are closing all over Missouri and Kansas.

    It would not have happened if Medicaid expansion was approved locally.

  3. 4:29 bullshit. Mercy in Ft.Scott was losing $13 million a year. They estimated that had Medicaid expanded they might have received an additional $3-4 Million. That still leaves $9-10 million in the hole.

    Math, try it sometime.

  4. Hospitals are like any other business, if they can't make a profit without government assistance then they should find ways to find revenue or close.

    I pay enough in taxes and insurance as it is, I don't have the money to bankroll healthcare for a new batch of deadbeats.


  5. It's NOT TRUMPCARE, it's OBAMACARE There is no such thing as Trump Care!

    Obama mess things up for this country so bad I don't think we can ever make it right again. OBAMACARE that screwed us all up! A very stupid black man that had no clue but to divide this country and hate anyone not of color!

    1. Easy pop pops, you’re going off the deepened again! No applesauce for you!!!! Try to contain your worthless, racist rambling. Your embarrassing yourself!


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