Thursday, January 17, 2019

Kansas City Tech Boom Kaput?!?!

Hard times hit this local software leader as the local coding industry has suffered quite a few setbacks over the past few months. Here's the round-up of layoffs and small boutique shops still fighting for survival as companies get better in outsourcing coding work overseas . . . Read more:

Nerdery Cuts 9% of Workforce, Eliminates Kansas City Office

The Nerdery, a consultancy and software-development firm, has shuttered its Kansas City office and eliminated 32 total positions across the business, the company said in a statement Wednesday. Prior to the cuts, Nerdery's Kansas City office had 28 employees, about a half-dozen of which have been asked to stay on as part of the company's work-from-home team.


Anonymous said...

MAGA! So. Much. Winning!

Anonymous said...

Surprised a soy boy named place Nerdery went out of business