Kansas City Talking Points: 'Remember When' Is The Lowest Form Of Conversation

Shame on Kansas City "public" media for continuing the tradition of ethnic profiling and glamorizing crime legend that actually caused a great deal of human misery locally and across the nation . . . When local media outlets would rather publish old school reports than keep up to date on current controversy, here's what they come up with . . .

Waiter! There Is A Bug In My Pizza

Kansas City history is shot through with mob ties. So it's no surprise that Alan Sykes of Tipton, Missouri, had a question for curiousKC about organized crime: "Did the FBI bug the Villa Capri and bust some mafia from what they learned?"


  1. The Truth of the Matter1/18/19, 5:34 PM

    Guess the guy from Tipton never reads or watches blockbuster movies.

  2. That place had some mighty good fried chicken. Also liked their spaghetti.

  3. The "Mob" in KC didn't vanish, they moved to Overland Park and became Real Estate Developers!
    More money and less risk.

  4. The pizza at Villa Capri was good too. And you got to watch strippers while waiting for your order. What was not to like?


  5. I'll say this, when the mob was in northeast it was the safest place to live back then, take a look at it now, it's the ghetto with homes that have museum quality architecture. Kansas City is Ass Backwards.

  6. Remember when...negroes knew their place? At the bottom.

  7. The mob was the best government the city ever had.


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