Sunday, January 27, 2019

Kansas City Sunday Night Walk And TKC Reader Suggested News Links Under The Looming Threat Of Upcoming Arctic Chill

On this Sunday night we offer just a bit of comfort to fellow news addicts inasmuch it's important to acknowledge that angels also struggle with demons but ultimately search for love like everybody else . . .

Today: Behati Prinsloo opens up on struggle with postpartum depression

BravoTV: Say What? Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Fell in Love Before They Even Met

CL: Adam Levine and His Wife Behati Prinsloo's Love Story Is Sweeter Than a Maroon 5 Song

Closer to home, this evening we're looking over news links from this town and around the world tonight that impact and inspire our local way of life . . .


Pick your faves, we think it's all important . . .

Kansas City Cuteness Endures!!!

Steak'm Take'm owners still optimistic following fire

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- One Kansas City neighborhood is missing a family owned restaurant after it burned down to the ground earlier this week. One of the owners remains optimistic. Shelton Ross, co-owner of Steak'm Take'm, said it all started with a message on Facebook Messenger.

Scary Sunday Runaround

Driver fleeing police crashes into another vehicle Saturday in Independence

A driver fleeing Independence police crashed into another vehicle Saturday afternoon, sending three people to hospitals, Independence police said. Police said officers tried to stop a vehicle, but the driver refused and officers pursued. About 3:50 p.m., the vehicle hit another car at Blue Ridge Boulevard and Sterling avenue.

EPIC Winter Is Coming

Could we break a 100-year-old record this week?

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- This will be a week to remember! It will easily be the coldest week we've had since early 2018. And, Wednesday morning could be the coldest January 30th in 100 years! Computer guidance points toward a potential morning low Wednesday of -8. That's right 8 below zero.

Meth Town Burning Down

Independence authorities investigating suspicious fire

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) -- The authorities in Independence are investigating a fire that happened on Sunday. It happened at about 7:15 a.m. in the area of Wilson and Cedar. The structure was vacant and no utilities were active. The fire was out by 7:48 a.m.

Kangaroo Cowtown Invitational

UMKC invites super fans to Swinney for men's basketball game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There are fans. Then, there are super fans, like the group from Chicago that found its way to the Swinney Recreation Center for Saturday's 63-54 comeback win against Seattle University. "If you are ready for a long story, I will tell you the whole story," started one of the super fans, Logan August.

Never Too Late To Buy Local

2019 Desktop Calendar - Kansas City, Missouri

This 2019 desktop calendar features doodles of 12 different destinations in and around Kansas City, MO. Each calendar comes with a mini wooden easel so that the calendar can be displayed on a desktop.

Hoopz Remains SJW

Revealing the barbershop for what it is: a black man's safe space - The Boston Globe

With every snip of the scissors and snatch of his dreadlocks, it's evident. Andrew Johnson, standing still, body tense and shoulders round, isn't having his hair cut. He's being butchered. Johnson, a New Jersey high school wrestler, showed up to compete last week, but instead was forced by a referee with a racist incident in his past to have his hair chopped off or forfeit the match.

Show-Me Heartwarming Story

The Bronco was a link to his dad, a Marine killed in 2007. Then mom sold it. Or did she?

MILLSTADT * The relationship between Julie Walsh and her teenage son took a turn for the worse about two months back. "Where is my dad's Bronco?" Triston said that day in early December as they pulled up to the house and he noticed the 29-year-old SUV gone from the garage.

Stone Cold Turnaround???

Roger Stone appears to open door to cooperating with Mueller after dramatic predawn arrest

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone appeared to open the door to cooperating in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe on Sunday, just hours after he defiantly condemned his dramatic predrawn arrest for lying to Congress and witness tampering and vowed to fight the charges.

Big Picture Budget Concerns
Opinion | Believe we're spending too much on defense? Think again.

Hillary Clinton still considering 2020 presidential run

Hillary Clinton hasn't ruled out another run for the White House in 2020. "Clinton is telling people that she's not closing the doors to the idea of running in 2020," CNN's Jeff Zeleny said Sunday on "Inside Politics."


Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Hillary running again just means the Democrats are committed to losing again. The blue was a joke but this might just be the punch line.

By Rights said...

That link from the Post about military spending might be the most important. The world is getting more dangerous and the struggles about "safe spaces" and bathroom rights are going to seem a lot less serious compared to threats from other nations.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Maybe 8:03 but if Stone flips on Trump. We're looking at Pence 2020.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think Hillary can run again pretty sure she has major health issues. If she does I can't wait to see her zone out again. Poor thing power is her life. She's pathetic.

Just because a wrestler is asked to cut his hair doesn't mean the referee was racist. What's it called if anyone is asked to cut their hair?

Why are all of those guys giving the rams horn sign, are they devil worshipers?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +100

Hillary is the fall of the republic. Somebody new. PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Trump 2020

Josephus said...

Bernie runs.


Anonymous said...

Sleep tight dreamer. ^^^^

Anonymous said...

Bernie, git lost, ya sell-out! YOU HALF-ASSED WHINED THEN TOOK THE PAYOFF FOR ELECTION RIPOFF from the DNC and their Arkycider/Nasty Woman/Sniper Fire Liar/Philanderer Enabler/Victims Blamer/Email Eraser/Benghazi Butcher/Crime Family Foundation Fraudster/Webb Hubble....eeeww, THAT'S WAY NASTY...

Buh bye, HillyBilly's Buttboi Bernie! Don't waste time on an election. Enjoy your mini mansion the Democrims bribed ya with.

Anonymous said...

"He added: "It is another in a series of events that questions whether our legal system has devolved to that of Venezuela’s — one in which opposition political leaders are targeted for takedown and, if you’re on the 'good' side, you simply smile your way through as the criminal legal referrals against you are tossed into the garbage can.""

What does that mean? Which side is the 'good' side. Everything about politics is completely convoluted.

Russia conspiracy is ridiculous, boo hoo democrats got emails divulged, but then defen with a reference to Venezuela? Is that what this article is?

Whos the bad folk in Syria the white hats or Assad, Who the bad guy in Libya, gadaffi or the 'rebels'. Are the 'rebels' the good guy or the bad guy, well that depends how much we want to fuck with your head by flipping things around.

Anonymous said...

The syrian 'rebels' were never part of the arab spring, that was an orchestrated US event that they tried to pass off as part of the arab spring.

Anonymous said...

Fire up the Clinton Crime Machine and open up your wallet and donate to everyone's favorite charity.

If she runs, there are going to be a lot of very pissed off Democrat presidential hopefuls.

... nah, shoe won't run... but won't step down until the last moment so she can get all the graft she can.

Anonymous said...

The rebels in Libya were portrayed as the bad guys against a highly regarded government lead by the Mad Dog until the US realized, oh shit, these folks going for broke and might control the oil. SO then they watched as his son babbled about running blood on the street and the world could watch a slaughter, or implement a no fly zone.
Oil executive did not leave Libya for ages b/c they were perfectly fine continuing to do business with G. Then all of a sudden Hilary acting like she took the Mad dog down. Then the dumb shit did not evacuate the embassy b/c she thought everyone buddies.
Then b/c the rebels were turned into the good guys, they put together some 'rebels' in Syria.

Anonymous said...

So the accepted premise in Venezuela is that the opposition to Maduro are the good guys and Trump had fired Tillman.

Anonymous said...

excellent recommendation condoleezza rice, Tillerson, not the dead guy Tillman.

Anonymous said...

My God that would make for some entertaining television!

The country's in decline, may as well stay fat and entertained.

Big Chungus KC said...

when that guy said sleep tight dreamer.

He actually meant the south of the border dreamer brand.


Anonymous said...

@1:10 No, I did not.