Sunday, January 27, 2019

Kansas City Star Publishes Dead End Listicle

Dead-Tree media shares their "Heaven's Waiting Room" suggestions in a less than scintillating but still practical guide for the middle-class end game. Checkit:

Best and worst nursing homes in KC area: Medicare list | The Kansas City Star

These are the nursing homes within 25 miles of Kansas City that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave its lowest rating, one star, and highest rating, five stars. The agency updated its Nursing Home Compare website in December.


Anonymous said...

One thing I noticed on the lists is that the better facilities are in Kansas and the worst are in Missouri. That really has to be depressing to end up in a shitty nursing home in raytown or independence.

Anonymous said...

In fact, you wouldn't want to end up in either of those places even if you weren't in a nursing home.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ FTW

Anonymous said...

The Star researched and published the article because their employees will very soon be in a nursing home.